Flea Circus

Hi there – step right up…see wildly colorful vintage clothes…antique furniture…bric-a-brac…retro junk…great food vendors…nouveau Navajos…bloodsucking freaks…this past weekend was sadly the last of the season for the Brooklyn Flea. I’ve been going nearly every weekend the past few months. (It’s one of the best places to escape the tourist crowds and mingle with other creative/artistic-minded New Yorkers.) I shot these photos at the Fort Greene flea on Saturday…they’ve also been in Dumbo every Sunday. They haven’t announced the date yet, but coming soon after the holidays will be the indoor Winter Flea – in Dumbo only. That usually launches in mid-to-late January. xx Mr. Newton






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  1. Wow – the nouveau navajo was out of control there – LOL!

  2. The first photo is great Mr. Newton. I love love the flower print on the Asian girl’s coat too!

  3. Love the girl in the green coat — her outfit is so sweet and charming, and the red lipstick is a perfect finishing touch. Great shots!

  4. I adore the sweaters in this post, they remind me of what my great-grandfather used to wear during the winter in Montana, and that is a huge compliment.

  5. I think it’s funny that nouveau Navajo is popular. Being half Navajo and growing up on the reservation, I cannot believe that it’s actually become a trend!

  6. Great winter jackets, makes me happy to see some colorful patterns/outerwear. In Scandinavia (at least in Finland) nobody uses here this kind of vivid color prints! 🙁

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