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Hey – so here are my photos from Fashion’s Night Out. I started off at the beyond cute Opening Ceremony “Parisian flea market” at the Ace Hotel…then wound my way on my bike toward the Meatpacking District for the Helmut Lang party (with DJs Harley VN and Cassie and photos by thecobrasnake) and then the Refinery 29/DVF bash at the DVF store. I had…fun? Umm, sort of…but not really. I think FNO is generally a great idea (on paper at least)…and it has become hugely popular in a short span of time…but there’s no denying that this year’s version felt decidedly like a messy New Year’s Eve – or perhaps Halloween with better costumes. The Meatpacking District in particular added new depth to the meaning of the phrase “shit show”. It’s been a really awesome season at New York Fashion Week so far…but FNO would not rank anywhere near the top of my list of highlights. What did you guys think about FNO? How was it in your city? I seriously want to know. xx Mr. Newton

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  1. Oh god, I totally agree. The only place I managed to get close to a drink was at Scoop where we escaped from the DVF madness and managed to get vodka on the rocks (!…they had run out of mixers) and made a beeline for a white leather sofa, which we sat on for the rest of the night and practiced our best Russian porn star accents. Le sigh. Unfortunately I don’t know anyone who had fun. Maybe it’ll be better next year?

  2. crazy, no one could walk anywhere. every bar was crowded. drunk people everywhere. the photo booth in the black carnival was fun, but other than that…not that good. spent most of the night at the bar on the bleeker then a cuban one where took some tequlia shots and talked spanish screeming BEBEMOS. whatanight.

  3. 150% agreed! it’s as though the event got too big, too fast. FNO should also stand for fatigue, nausea, and overstimulation.

    for an event that supposedly is all about democratizing fashion, i encountered more lists at more places, which was pretty obnoxious. while it helped to be on some of those lists, the very notion and presence of them totally defeated the greater purpose of the night. missed last year’s effervescence andintimacy and if there’s a FNO 2011 i’ll be interested to see if anything gets reigned in to account for this year’s lackluster experience.

  4. As Lucy mentioned, I too have yet to talk to ANYONE who has raved about the great time they had on FNO this season – most people I talk to are saying it was a nightmare – or something close to that.

    Kate – yes I agree, it got too big, too fast – the real problem though seems to be not so much the size of the event, but rather it’s sheer lack of structure. Lack of structure combined with big crowds is never a good idea. Sure, certain stores had well organized events but the overall vibe this year was more one of crowd barricades, texting friends that you’ve been trying to meet up with all night, and searching for nonexistent empty taxis. It all had me wondering if next year there will be official FNO Mardi Gras beads that the stores can hand out.

    Reid – yes, I thought part of the reason why it sort of sucked this year was that too many people were just looking at it as one big cocktail party…this contributed to the NY’s Eve-like atmosphere. Never mind that most people said they had trouble getting even one free drink – much less several.

  5. For me, FNO consisted of standing in a couple endlessly long, un-moving lines for 20 minutes, giving up, and instead just stuffing myself with Pop Chips that Topshop was handing out from a cardboard box (a little effort, guys??) I really wanted to go to the Opening Ceremony thing, but by the time I made it up there it was clear that the only way I was gonna be able to even get a foot in the door was to be on some list. It definitely just felt like another lame, exclusive arm of Fashion Week. And free booze is great, but I feel like it brought out a lot of people for a lot of the wrong reasons…Anyways, I absolutely agree that the key is organization, but man, I don’t envy the dude whose job it is to organize that shit!!

  6. Amazing photos! I’m pleasantly surprised by Abbey Lee’s bleach blonde look! Have a great fashion week we will see you again I’m sure 🙂

  7. It was like trick or treating for adults; only with copious amounts of booze. Whilst I admire the effort put in to running the campaign, the whole affair felt a little sordid {especially around the meatpacking district}; like mass consumerism mixed with mass alcoholism…I would be interested to know if it had any significant impact on sales?

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