Fashion’s Day Out

Uptown, downtown, all around town – I took a little bike ride yesterday on Day 1 of New York Fashion Week. Here are the girls who made me do a U-turn… xx

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  1. @Lauren – yep that’s themanrepeller – no doubt about it!

  2. This is why I love Mr Newton. SO INSPIRATIONAL (yeah, I’m screaming literally, I’m so excited) Great post!

  3. Wow, that pale blue dress with the sheer poofy sleeves is amazing. Straight out of a princess movie!

  4. Is that Gretchen Jones?

  5. So many cool looks, I love the skirt in the first photo. And my favorite outfit: the red leather skirt with a green top, magnificent!

  6. Gretchen looks fantastic! love all the colour she is wearing.

  7. I thought I recognized Gretchen! I do think she should return to the red hair, but i’m glad the girl found color elsewhere!
    That blue and black striped skirt/dress look is fantastic.

  8. @Lydia – yep – Gretch.

    @Catherine – I thought you might want to know – that dress is actually pale mint green. I’m glad you like it!

  9. All amazing, love the looks. Your photography is beautiful!

  10. I love those pants!!! 😀

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