Fashionable At The Flea

If you’re a regular reader of Mr. Newton, you’ll know that there’s nothing that I like better than a great outdoor market…or cool music festival…or rooftop party…or basically anything that involves stylish kids hangin’ outdoors in nice weather. I live for this sort of thing. I loathe winter more than any man has ever loathed winter in the entire history of winter loathing. So when spring weather finally comes around – as it has recently in New York – this is much more exciting to me than any fashion week could ever be. Also – I prefer to shoot real girls with real style – which is what you’ll find at a fashionable market or festival. Here then are my street style photos from the Brooklyn Flea on 4.30.11… xo

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  1. Any idea what the name of the nail polish is in the first picture? The pastel aqua? I’ve been searching for a color like that forever!

    thanks 🙂

  2. These are some amazing shots. I love the second picture! Those sunglasses are cool



  3. wow great shots! My absolutely favourite is the lady in the blue top and yellow pants- so sweet, love the pose!

  4. I love seeing real people in real clothes! Don’t get me wrong…I love fashion but sometimes I get sick of seeing off the clock models looking ultra fab in everything I ever wanted to own. It’s nice to see some people on the street with some great fashion sense. There is always more creativity to be found in trendy peeps on the street! Love this post!

  5. Michelle – I believe the Mickey Mouse sunglasses are by Linda Farrow. I’m pretty sure Opening Ceremony sells them.

    This post is getting me excited for summer festival season in Chicago! You know, during the three months a year when it’s warm outside. LOL

  6. Williamsburg is such a treasure trove for fashion! Living here is inspiring.

  7. LOVE those flip up shades. What a great collection. As always I love your photography!


  8. The girl in the floral pants is the radness herself!

  9. Your Street Style images never fail!
    Its always a pleasure posting your photos on my blog. Please keep up the good work and the great eye on fashion.

    All the best.

  10. Hi! I actually had a Spring market experience last week, It can only bring cool stuff and people those places!! It was great! You have a point right there…big one!

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