Falling For Winter

Hey – check it out – more of my street fashion snaps from NYC – from fall 2009 and early winter 2010…xx

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  1. Love the first girl’s style!

  2. Great, just great. The girl with the blue strapless dress and rolled up sleeves blazer looks soooo familiar. I cannot remember from where, however!


  3. Hi Ani – blue strapless/rolled blazer hottie works for Kiki De Montparnasse…maybe you know her from there? xo

  4. ♥ the first one, too (the light is amazing by the way)

  5. Yes the first girl gives off a great vibe, but it is great to see all these people with their own fabulous take on fashion!

  6. Black leather jacket girl is smokin’.

  7. the girl in the green hat! so spunky and playful love it

  8. The asian boy looks delish. Great style.

  9. Love your blog. Beautiful pictures and subjects. The girl with the green hat is my favorite from this group.

  10. Do you know who makes the boots the very first girl is wearing (second image) thanks! 🙂


  11. Hi – I knew who made those boots – but now for some reason I cannot remember. I think they are Prada…or maybe Chloe…wish I could remember for sure.

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