“Fair” Maidens

My Saturday: went to the Hester Street Fair and shot photos of these pretty and stylish ladies (and dude) that you see below…bought a vintage shirt that I love (short-sleeved button-down navy/white gingham)…bought a great vintage bike that I really love (single speed, coaster brake, royal blue frame with white handlebar grips and white leather seat, made by Sears circa-1970)…moved on to the Opening Cermony sample sale…shot more photos…didn’t buy anything…then wound up at a cute impromptu backyard BBQ at Saturdays surf shop on Crosby Street…on then to a free Ting Tings show for Microsoft with an open bar at a gymnasium in Chinatown…then we rode bikes across downtown to a party at the newly reopened ballroom at the Jane…tacos…home…sleep. This is all in one day mind you. These kind of days actually happen all the time in New York…no kidding. xx

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  1. There is incredible light in those pictures!

  2. i was there on sunday! we just missed each other – again.

  3. I love the heels on the highwaisted jeans girl!!!

  4. I greatly admire people that are able to dance to their own fashion drum.

  5. I suppose I need to move to New York…

    What amazes me is how fearless the people are who you catch on the street. I’m from a small town and we don’t see that at all…it’s a tshirt and jeans high school I’m surrounded by.

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