Eye Love Milan!

I’ve always made passes at girls who wear glasses…

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  1. wow love that left pants and right girl’s styling!

  2. Oh, finally Mr. Newton is back! 🙂 Somebody have to tell this girls they’re beautiful and doesn’t need this fashionable glasses to hide their pretty faces 😉


  3. We don’t see many people, or more specifically, girls wearing glasses in the fashion world, I realized. Majority of the bloggers, editors, models, etc either not wear glasses or instead wear contacts. I personally think glasses is a great touch of style (possibly because I wear them as well). I don’t know what it is but I really love this image!

    Love the clarity of the details of the knit and the warm blue.

  4. always wished i needed glasses. feel weird wearing them without needing them. but these girls look fantastic. such great personal style.
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  5. Absolutely stunning! Are they models? They’re gorgeous!

    Great meeting you at the IFB conference! Thanks for snapping my photo – such an honor!

    Color Me Blue

  6. These models are really gorgeous, I love particularly the beige cardigan, very elegant.

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