Elle.com, Soho, and Stylish Procrastination

Hi there – well if you live in the States then you’re just back from Thanksgiving break today likely – and probably have loads of stuff simmering on your year-end to-do list after taking a few days off. It can be pretty daunting facing down such a list on the day after a long weekend, no? Well I’m here to help you procrastinate and ease back into the week! (I mean, today you should really just get organized anyway. You can actually get stuff accomplished tomorrow, right?) So if you feel like procrastinating – uhh, I mean “doing fashion research” – then you should really check out this new street style story that I shot for Elle.com. It’s all about the stylish girls who work in some of the coolest boutiques in Soho – featuring girls from some of my fave shops like Acne, Isabel Marant, Topshop, and A.P.C. I’m not allowed to post the photos here at Mr. Newton just yet (hence the headless street style wonders you see above)…but you can see them all over on the Elle website by clicking here. xx Mr. Newton

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  1. this sounds really cool! I’ll be sure to check out your street style story



  2. hum dear. what’s with the ignoring thing?

  3. love the Isabel Marant girls, they are so stylish!

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