Down In The Valley

Hi there – although I love big cities like New York, Tokyo, London, etc. I also love being out in the middle of nowhere. It’s great to have that balance…to be out in nature…and see how the other half lives. To that end then, I’ve headed out to the California desert for Coachella 2011! And yeah, Palm Springs has a few too many spas, great restaurants, and cute shops to truly be the middle of nowhere…but whatevs, I need some amenities when I rough it!
I’m heading out to shoot soon and will be posting new street style photos all weekend – so check back soon for those! You might also want to follow me on Twitter – gonna tweet whenever I can – though wireless signals come and go down in the valley… xx Mr. Newton

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  1. I feel like EVERYONE is going to Coachella nowadays. So jealous! Have fun. Can’t wait to see what everyone will be wearing there.

  2. so jealous of all that are going to coachella! wish i was there right now.

    but i tried to pretend i would be and chose some fab looks to wear, check them out:

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