Denim Daze

As we transition our wardrobes from late summer into what is likely to be an Indian summer and then on into the true start of fall weather, nothing is more versatile than denim. From dungarees to daring Daisy Dukes, from jeggings to jackets – I love them all! Here are some denim looks that I spotted around NYC during August. xx Mr. Newton

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  1. that first look is killing me. too, too good.

  2. Yep – first one is a badass head-to-toe…I especially love the pockets on her denim vest and her leather tote. That’s one of the Vena Cava gals…can’t wait for their show during NYFW!

  3. They all look so lovely! I am a huge denim fan.

  4. Oh no. Ass cheeks should not be on display. What was she thinking????

  5. great post!! the first look works incredibly well for her. not too sure about the butt-cheek showing look though; i think that’s one trend i totally dont agree with! 🙁

  6. Love all looks except for ass cheek girl. WTF!?

  7. I prefer the second one.

  8. Great pictures. I especially like the last one. Good look and great belt/bag.

  9. actually i kind of love the pin-up look of ass cheeks girl. the little bandana is perfect.

  10. bandana + butt-cheeks = awesome

  11. What do you get when you have asscheeks, bandana, and a great smile?
    She’s a modern day Betty Boop.

  12. Everyone is talking about ass cheek girl. She looks pretty wicked, anyone who says different is just a hater.

  13. i love the last girls look. i’m loving full black skirts in general lately. and of course the chambray shirt! i havent found the perfect one for myself yet.


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