Ciao Milano!

Hi there…or should I say, ciao! I’ve arrived in Milan for Milano Moda Donna – that’s Fashion Week to you and me. I used to think that I didn’t really care that much for Milan Fashion Week…but I’m having a great time here this season and I’m seriously starting to change my mind about that. I mean London was grey all week last week…not much rain, just that permanent English grey that lasts all day. Then I get here and it’s suddenly warm-ish, loads of sun, beautiful girls, great food – I must have been crazy to think that I didn’t like Milan Fashion Week, right?? Seriously.
While I’m having fun…and trying my best to absorb as much fashion/food/culture as possible…my attempts to “go native” have not been entirely successful. After saying “grazie” to my cab driver like 4 times yesterday he asked me, “Is this the only Italian word you know?” I said, “yep, that’s my one.” xx Mr. Newton

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  1. GREAT shots

  2. Hehe!

    These shots are really beatiful! The last one is my favourite. The colour combination is perfect and the red just pops!

  3. IN LOVE with the second look. Fierce.

  4. Love these pictures!! They are so great for inspiration. Maybe I will use them in my blog (mentioning the source, of course). Spend a good time in Milan! 🙂

    Kisses from Spain

  5. Milan FW looks glorious! You were crazy not to love it before. Glad you saw the light. I only wish I could take the time to go to all of the fashion weeks!

  6. ughhh best blog in existence. somehow you capture Milan so well in these few images- women in their heels on tram tracks! beyonnnnd amazing.

  7. I thought Milan FW was the least “important” too but… I think that the Gucci show this season is the best I saw so far (on Internet of course!! I’m not so lucky to be there :p)

    Don’t say “grazie” too much in Italy, people tend to be quite rude, especially in big cities, and if you’re too nice they tend to think you want something from them… weird isn’t it??

    Your pictures are great, they really put me in the right mood to go see my family and friends in Florence next week… Food! Sun! Colors! Beauty! I can’t wait…

    I just discovered your blog, it is great!


    -The Red Dot-

  8. Love these shots! The red envelope clutch paired with the proportion of the coat is lovely. My favorite is lady with the two-tone boots and cigarette…her casual lean and red lip are truly chic. xo

  9. We want to go back to Milan! We love the color you captured especially all the red! The floral skirt with the big red Givenchy bag and the last picture with red hat and skirt are fem. phenom.

  10. These are seriously some of your best shots ever. No matter what you think of Milan, the Milanese certainly love you and your camera. The leather with the floral skirt? The oversized red clutch? I am dying over every one of these photos.

  11. The motorcycle jacket and feminine skirt is divine! You have a superb eye.

  12. these ladies have a great fashion sense, if only i looked sharp each time i walked out the door :))

    jess s//

  13. Love the fashion on the streets of Milan!

  14. Beautiful! Love the clothes. They pull them off so beautifully.

  15. Thank you Mr newton to published me. I love my pics and you are an amazing photographer.
    Happy to know you…you are crazy! Love ele

  16. Lots of great outfits! Brilliant post 😀

  17. Oh Chiara, I adore her! She’s looking as beautiful as always 🙂

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