Chinatown Chapeau


My cute stylist friend Nicole on the street in Chinatown…

(Also P.S. – I’m currently editing lots of photos that I shot at the Siren music fest in Coney Island last Saturday…some of you have been asking about those…coming soon! x)

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  1. pretty!

  2. oooh i love this look, i love how saturated it is! im so tired of blush tones right now. so refreshing.

  3. WOW your friend is not only pretty SHE HAS STYLE!

  4. She is a doll! I love these photos and I can’t wait to see what you captured at Siren!

  5. I love all the color and prints in this! I think that hat is what really makes her look so special and the way her hair comes out from under it. Bravo.

  6. these are amazing! her personality SHINES through this. awesome shots mr newton thanks 😀

  7. what a lovely girl & all the purple is wonderful!

  8. she is truly beautiful!

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