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Hi there everyone…I hope your winter and your holidays are going great so far! Me? I’ve been busily editing some photos and videos which you’ll be seeing on Mr. Newton in the next couple of weeks. I always use this end-of-year period to catch up on photos that slipped through the cracks during the course of the year…and I’m not talking about some random/leftovers/outtakes either. In fact, some of my very favorite photos from this past year have yet to be posted. Generally speaking, the best streetstyle happens during chaotic periods…in the middle of a snowstorm in Stockholm…or as people are racing from one show to another during Paris Fashion Week…or when I’m under deadline for 3 different projects and heading out of town the next day…these are the times when I always seem to spot great girls with amazing style. So I’ll shoot it…but don’t always have time to edit/post it. So I’m going to be posting some of my “unseen favorites of 2010” the next couple of weeks…as well as new photos from Dec. 2010 and Jan. 2011…and some new videos as well! Cool?
Speaking of unseen photos (well, unseen here on Mr. Newton that is) – here are the photos from a recent street story that I shot for – “The Chic Shop Girls of Soho”. I hit some of Soho’s best boutiques (Acne, Isabel Marant, Opening Ceremony, A.P.C.) and even a few cool mini-chains (Topshop, Barneys CO-OP) and shot photos of the stylish beauties who help you blow your rent money. Shopping is fun, rent is boring… xx Mr. Newton

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  1. Beautiful photos Mr. Newton!

  2. Wow great collection of photos! Such chic ladies out there!

  3. amazing photos like usual
    i would love to take pictures like these for collection if i could
    happy new year!

  4. Thanks so much for the love Mr. Newton!

  5. Hi Michelle – well I love fashion photography…and fashion books and magazines…and one reason why I decided to become a photographer is because I wanted to have some high-quality photos…photos to look at…and to frame for my apt. etc…and I couldn’t really afford to buy them…so I decided that if I’m ever going to own some nice photos, I’m going to have to shoot them myself! So (as you’ve said) I partly take these for collection.
    Hi Louise – you’re welcome! Thanks so much for working with me and thanks for leaving a comment! xo

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