One Day We’re Going To Live In Paris

Hi – I’ve just returned to NYC yesterday from a month in Paris – it seriously looked almost exactly like this video – except with less macaroons and I didn’t ask a French boy for directions and then go for coffee afterwards. But other than that, yeah almost exactly like this!

(P.S. – How much do you love this video?? It should be the official video for the Parisian Tourism Board – or something like that. The track is great (I used to play it when I DJed)…but the video is beyond great. And you must watch the whole thing…from beginning to end. How did they film the last couple of minutes? Did they rent a helicopter at sunset?? Stunning.)

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Mr. Newton for Jimmy Choo ‘Stylemakers’

Hi everyone – I hope that your week is off to a great start! You know…this spring I shot the lovely Caroline Issa of Tank magazine in London…and chic journo Jessica Joffe in New York…for the Jimmy Choo 24:7 Stylemakers initiative. (If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll likely have some dim recollection of tweets like this…or perhaps even this.)
I wanted to wait for the initiative to officially launch before posting photos here on my blog…but now that it has launched here are several of my favorite photos from each shoot! We had a video crew with us on each of the shoot dates filming behind-the-scenes videos which I’ve also posted here. The Stylemakers initiative is mostly about you – the real girls who wear Jimmy Choo every day. (Even Caroline and Jessica wore only items from their own wardrobes for the shoots.) You’re invited to create a Stylemakers account and then upload photos of yourself wearing Jimmy Choo shoes and accessories in a way that best exemplifies your personal style. A selection of the photos will be posted on the Choo 24:7 Stylemakers microsite…you can also access the microsite by clicking the Stylemakers tab on the homepage at You can comment on the photos, share them via social media, and shop the look. There’s an interesting Business of Fashion article about the initiative…you can also read more about it over at WWD and elsewhere. I hope you like! xx Mr. Newton

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Street Style Live (Sydney) – Jess + Connie

Hi – here’s a street style video that I shot with adorable Jess and cutie-pie Connie at the Overseas Passenger Terminal, Sydney – May 2012 – during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia! I’ll be posting lots more street style videos in the coming days/weeks/months – so check back for those. I’ve already shot 3 more in Sydney and L.A. – and will be shooting some soon in New York and Paris too. My video skills are a work-in-progress…let’s just say that I now understand why things like “camera operator”, “focus puller”, and “audio recording” are generally considered entirely separate jobs with separate people responsible for them! xx Mr. Newton

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Mr. Newton On ABC News Nightline

Hi everyone – gosh so much cool stuff that I still want to show you guys from Fall 2011…and now here it is, almost time for twenty twelve to pop off! Case in point – back on September 19th, I was deep in the midst of Fashion Month – running all over London shooting street style that day at shows like Erdem and Burberry during London Fashion Week. Back home in the U.S. however, my family and friends were excited to see me that evening on the network news show, ABC News Nightline. I wasn’t able to watch it live of course, as I was out of the country…but I did watch it online a couple of days later in my Milan hotel room…fun times! I’m sure that many of you did not get a chance to see this…and thought that you might get a kick out of it…so I’m posting it here now. I intended to post it when it first aired (I tweeted a link to it)…but during Fashion Month things are so hectic that intentions and actions can sometimes be two different things – hehe! BTW – their crew and a producer tagged along with me for a couple of days while I was shooting at Alexander Wang and other shows…and then a Nightline correspondent interviewed me as I was taking a break after shooting at Rodarte. Who knows, maybe some of you guys will see yourselves in the piece? Anyway check it out – I hope you like it! x

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