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Mr. Newton at the IFB Conference – New York

Hey – I’m back from Stockholm and kicking New York Fashion Week festivities off just a wee bit early…as I often do! I’m super excited to be speaking tomorrow 9.5.12 at the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference in my street style stomping grounds, Soho NYC. Hope to see lots of you there! My panel (“The New Entrepreneur”) is the first one of the day – we’ll be starting at 9:30AM. xx

Mr. Newton for Jimmy Choo ‘Stylemakers’

Hi everyone – I hope that your week is off to a great start! You know…this spring I shot the lovely Caroline Issa of Tank magazine in London…and chic journo Jessica Joffe in New York…for the Jimmy Choo 24:7 Stylemakers initiative. (If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll likely have some dim recollection of tweets like this…or perhaps even this.)
I wanted to wait for the initiative to officially launch before posting photos here on my blog…but now that it has launched here are several of my favorite photos from each shoot! We had a video crew with us on each of the shoot dates filming behind-the-scenes videos which I’ve also posted here. The Stylemakers initiative is mostly about you – the real girls who wear Jimmy Choo every day. (Even Caroline and Jessica wore only items from their own wardrobes for the shoots.) You’re invited to create a Stylemakers account and then upload photos of yourself wearing Jimmy Choo shoes and accessories in a way that best exemplifies your personal style. A selection of the photos will be posted on the Choo 24:7 Stylemakers microsite…you can also access the microsite by clicking the Stylemakers tab on the homepage at You can comment on the photos, share them via social media, and shop the look. There’s an interesting Business of Fashion article about the initiative…you can also read more about it over at WWD and elsewhere. I hope you like! xx Mr. Newton

Mr. Newton for Marie Claire Spain – Sept. 2011

Hi everyone – those of you who follow me on Twitter may remember that back in July I did an editorial shoot for Marie Claire Spain. Well, I wasn’t allowed to post the photos from the shoot at the time…BUT…now that the issue has recently been released…I wanted to share the pics with you guys! We shot the story in Paris on the morning of the last day of the couture…and it was probably one of my best experiences ever working on a shoot. We had a stylist and hair and make-up artists of course…but we kept the feel of the shoot firmly rooted in the street style arena. Even our models had an authentic street style feel – they were all students at a local Parisian fashion school. Best of all, we had this amazing Mercedes van with a driver that took us all over central Paris…AND…I had my French friend Esther along to assist me and function as my translator!
Here below then are all of my favorite photos from the day. If you scroll down to the last two images, those are scans of four of the actual pages from the issue. Hope you like!
Also – for those of you who are foreign fashion magazine junkies (i.e. for everyone who reads this blog) – I want to be sure that you guys know about Zinio. It’s a great way to buy inexpensive single issues of high-res digital versions of magazines from around the world – just go to the area in the top right corner of their homepage and change your country when doing a search – also, be sure that safe view is set to “off” or it may filter your search results. Playboy France, anyone? xx Mr. Newton

Style and the City

Let’s face it – the stylish and the trendy (i.e. me, you, and everyone we know) travel differently than the common folk (aka “civilians”). Not only do we travel more frequently, we also just approach the whole process differently – in fact, we often approach it in a backwards fashion. Your average commoner will generally want to make sure to tick their list of all the top sites…and then, perhaps after visiting a city multiple times…might finally stumble upon some of that city’s more stylish nooks and crannies. The stylish traveler on the other hand – after spending only say, half a day in a new city – will already be riding a bike through the coolest neighborhood…heading to an illegal party in an unfinished loft…after shopping at the best indie boutiques…in a marginally-gentrified industrial area. This sort of traveler might never get around to seeing that city’s top tourist sites – unless you count whizzing past in a taxi. Put more succinctly: I’ve never set foot inside the Louvre.
If this is the way you roll jetset, then you really must grab a copy of the new CityStyle: A Field Guide To Global Fashion Capitals. Covering New York, Paris, Milan, London, Tokyo, Stockholm, Sydney, and L.A., this book is quite simply the best travel guide ever written – EVER. (And they’re not paying me a penny to say that!) The approach here is far more magazine-like or blog-like than your average laggardly travel guide. It’s actually quite revolutionary in that respect – and as someone who loves books, I would love to see more book publishers take this approach. I mean how many travel guides do you know of that touch upon: essential blogs and magazines for each city, Vena Cava, Terry Richardson, Filippa Berg, Baby Mary, thecobrasnake, Parsons School of Design, Central St. Martins, Elizabeth Spiridakis, street style photography, various Fashion Weeks, Rad Hourani, Japanese hipsters, Opening Ceremony, Papercut, Purple Diary, thechicmuse, Garance Dore, Ponystep, Laforet, Nakameguro, thefacehunter, Dover Street Market, and self service magazine? I mean really.
I suppose my affection for this book is not hurt by the fact that I have several photos and an interview in the New York section hehe! But I can honestly separate that out and judge the book on its overall merits. I’ve shot street fashion in all 8 of the cities covered in the book…and was surprised to see quite a bit of stuff that well, is honestly insider information. I mean sure, we all know Colette (p.62)…but Abney Park Cemetery (p.127) “a popular location for fashion shoots in Stoke Newington”?? I mean c’mon CityStyle – keep that on the low! xo Mr. Newton
(P.S. – If you want to read my interview, here it is below. If you click on the pages they pop open larger – it’s easier to read that way.)
(P.P.S. – The three other “best travel guides ever written” are 1. Pimp London: The Guide, 2. The Vice Guide to Helsinki, and 3. The People’s Guide To Stockholm. Just FYI. You should track these down.), Soho, and Stylish Procrastination

Hi there – well if you live in the States then you’re just back from Thanksgiving break today likely – and probably have loads of stuff simmering on your year-end to-do list after taking a few days off. It can be pretty daunting facing down such a list on the day after a long weekend, no? Well I’m here to help you procrastinate and ease back into the week! (I mean, today you should really just get organized anyway. You can actually get stuff accomplished tomorrow, right?) So if you feel like procrastinating – uhh, I mean “doing fashion research” – then you should really check out this new street style story that I shot for It’s all about the stylish girls who work in some of the coolest boutiques in Soho – featuring girls from some of my fave shops like Acne, Isabel Marant, Topshop, and A.P.C. I’m not allowed to post the photos here at Mr. Newton just yet (hence the headless street style wonders you see above)…but you can see them all over on the Elle website by clicking here. xx Mr. Newton

Cruisin’ Together

Hi there – I hope that all of you (who live in the northern hemisphere) have been having a wonderful summer and that you’ve been getting outdoors lots! Friends that I’ve been chatting with just this week have been telling me about bands playing in barns in upstate New York, lake trips in Germany, and swimming in the sea near Stockholm. I dream of doing all of that! When I’m in the city though, I still take advantage of the fantastic weather and take one of my vintage bikes out for a spin as often as possible. I have two bikes – a blue one and a white one, both single-speed models with coaster brakes from the 1960′s. I live near the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn and biking is my primary mode of transportation into the city year-round…but in the summer it’s just plain fun! City biking has very recently seen a surge of popularity among the chic set in New York…and I actually think that style blogs have been a big contributing factor to this micro-trend. After all, who that regularly visits bike-friendly style blogs like Copenhagen Cycle Chic, The Sartorialist, or Dam Style hasn’t thought about copping this eco-friendly and Euro-centric “look” for themselves? All of which brings me to my point – I’ve just shot a new street fashion story for about chic city bike girls! I’m not allowed to post the photos here at Mr. Newton, but you can see all 15 photos over on their site by clicking here… xx

I Heart New York

Hi there – it’s a cold and rainy day in New York. I was just sitting here at the Mr. Newton HQ looking at some magazines I bought this week – good day for that. The new issue of Monocle is great – I especially love their Travel Top 50 list which covers everything from beef curries to European high speed rail service to design-conscious Japanese capsule hotels. I’ve also been torturing myself by flipping through the new summer fashion issues of Russh and Vogue Australia - nice season reversal down there guys! Also – I was really excited at the magazine shop this week to see that 5 of my photos made it into the current “00′s” issue of New York magazine. My shots were part of their decade-spanning timeline of Naughties fashion trends. In case you’re wondering…my snaps were used for “skinny jeans”, “ripped skinny jeans”, “fur again”, “fatigues”, and “thigh-high boots”. Thanks NY mag! xx Mr. Newton