One Day We’re Going To Live In Paris

Hi – I’ve just returned to NYC yesterday from a month in Paris – it seriously looked almost exactly like this video – except with less macaroons and I didn’t ask a French boy for directions and then go for coffee afterwards. But other than that, yeah almost exactly like this!

(P.S. – How much do you love this video?? It should be the official video for the Parisian Tourism Board – or something like that. The track is great (I used to play it when I DJed)…but the video is beyond great. And you must watch the whole thing…from beginning to end. How did they film the last couple of minutes? Did they rent a helicopter at sunset?? Stunning.)

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Bastille Metro In The Rain

Damn it Paris – not everything is sexy! Public transportation is not sexy. Rain is not sexy – it just isn’t! (OK – it actually is. I really hate you for this one though.)

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Paris By Night


Fitties out at Le Regine during Paris Fashion Week…more Paris photos coming soon! Thanks to the kids over at Refinery for using my photos in their Paris street style feature (“Le Chic“) yesterday… xx

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