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Taxi To Le Bain

Arriving via NYC taxi on Sunday night at Le Bain

My L.A. actress friend Michelle is in town for a few days on business and to celebrate her birthday…that’s her in the top photos wearing the black tulle skirt. On Sunday, I went to Le Bain for sunset with her and Kaylee and Lo and Lena and other friends…then we hit a backyard party on the LES…and later on to Kenmare and St. Jerome. There were only a few people at St. Jerome on a Sunday…including a Lady Gaga look-a-like who was sitting on a stool at the bar kissing her boyfriend. (What do you mean that actually was Lady Gaga??) Then believe it or not, back to Bain…then Sway…then Lit. Then Lena fell out of a taxi and I decided to call it a night. (She didn’t get hurt though and she looked really good while falling because she was wearing vintage YSL!) xx Mr. Newton

from the archive – Mia, Katy, and Molly

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IMG_8950 kghi-res ASEj

Here’s a couple of shots from the Mr. Newton photo archive – these were shot on September 5th, 2007. Mia, Katy, and Molly acting silly for my camera out at a Rock & Republic party during New York Fashion Week. Later on we all cabbed it over to the Beatrice Inn…ahh, memories…

Oh and speaking of my photo archive – did you know that I shot over one million street fashion and party photos all over the world before I ever started the Mr. Newton blog?? (And that’s just the digital archive – don’t even get me started on my 35mm and Polaroid archive.) This includes shots from Tokyo, Sydney, Capri, Helsinki, Los Angeles, Paris, London and many other cities…in certain cities where I’ve shot like Oslo and Copenhagen, literally no one has ever seen the photos…I’ve never shared them or posted them anywhere…until now that is. I always try to keep the content at Mr. Newton fresh and bang up to date – most of the photos that you see on my site were shot within a week of when they were posted – many were shot just a day or two before posting. While brand-new photos will always be the focus of my blog, I’ve decided that from time-to-time I’ll raid my archive and put up some of my favorites from the recent past. Most of these shots will be from 2007 – 2009…the period just before I started Mr. Newton. I’ll only be doing this occasionally and will always label these posts as “from the archive” – so you’ll know exactly when we’ve stepped away from our regular program. Cool?
I’m doing this because: 1. My friend Fifi from London who has seen some of the shots suggested that I should share them. 2. A huge amount of effort and money went into shooting them. 3. The people and styles on display are still totally relevant and inspiring. 4. I think you will like them. 5. I hate to let good photos sit on a hard drive and gather digital dust – photos are meant to be shared!
Lots of x’s, Mr. Newton

The Dope Show


Mr. Newton was out last night in New York at the YSL Belle d’Opium party…have a great weekend everyone! Lots of daytime street fashion photos coming next week! xx

Black Eyed Steez

Out last night in NYC at the Corduroy magazine party at Milk Studios… xxx

Paper Planes and Celebrity Skin

Mr. Newton was at the Soho Grand for the launch of Paper Planes #03

Jacques Your Body (nsfw)


Hey – I’ve been meaning to post these for a couple of weeks but never got around to it because of deadlines with other photos and stuff. Out at the Westside Gentlemen’s Club during New York Fashion Week for the party thrown by Jacques magazine, Evisu and The Smile. I’m not into strip clubs but this was a great party – this place was even better than Mike’s Apartment! Related side note – I have every issue of Jacques mag and I love it. Can’t wait for the new issue. xx Mr. Newton

Solid Gold Dancers

Out over the weekend at the Seven Is Ten party at the Tribeca Grand hotel during New York Fashion Week…celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Seven New York…featuring live sets from Little Boots and The Golden Filter…with DJs and hosts including The MisShapes, House of Holland, Preen, Bryanboy, Hanneli, Spencer Product, Susie Bubble, and loads of other kids…check it out. xx Mr. Newton






Leigh – Mercer Hotel

I met Leigh on Wednesday night at the Mercer…

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

These cuties are Au Revoir Simone from Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They DJed the Refinery 29/Madewell party last night. Did I mention that “Paris” – by Friendly Fires ft. Au Revoir Simone (Aeroplane remix) is one of Mr. Newton’s tracks of the year for 2009?? That song is amazing – it sounds best turned up loud…