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rushing the season – at the playland motel

Surely T.S. Eliot must have intended some deeper meaning other than a simple comment on the seasons when he famously wrote, “April is the cruellest month”. If (like me) you live in New York or elsewhere in the Northeast, you’re well aware that March is actually more cruel by far – it’s downright ruthless. Or rather it’s a tease. Though it was a gorgeous 65 degrees and sunny just a couple of days ago, today it’s right back to winter with lots of wind and the high temperature forecast to be only 28 degrees. After keeping a (relatively) stiff upper lip throughout the snow and ice of Jan/Feb, March adds insult to injury by throwing a few teasing glimpses of spring into what is basically yet another winter month.

All of which is a roundabout and only slightly poetic way of saying – ARE YOU GUYS READY FOR SPRING OR WHAT??!!? I always get a bad case of cabin fever…and wanderlust…and Coachella fever…and beach fever around this time of year. I find myself watching summer music festival videos on YouTube, Googling various beach and desert destinations, and generally doing anything that feeds into my denial of the winter-esque weather lingering just outside my door.

With this in mind, I’ve decided that for at least the next 5 to 7 days or so we’re going to rush the season here on Mr. Newton – it’s going to be all spring and summer street style all the time! I’m sure lots of you are as excited for the arrival of warm weather as I am…and I have lots of previously-unpublished-anywhere photos from Spring/Summer twenty thirteen that I’ve been sitting on…and I don’t have a boss to tell me that I can’t…so I figured, why not?? First up are these photos that I shot at the opening weekend of the Playland Motel in the Rockaways – July 4th, 2013. Here are a few brief thoughts –> Like the Rockaways themselves, I’m kind of meh on the Playland Motel. It’s a (long) block off the beach, with no pool and no rooftop scene/view – so you’re sort of left to hang around in the street level bar/restaurant – or head out back and sit in lawn chairs on gravel. Also – and once again, like the Rockaways themselves – it’s surprisingly not all that hipster. I’m a street style photographer…I live for cute scenes…”total pretentious hipster vibe” is a recommendation for me, not a dis…and the Playland feels more mixed bag/post-hipster/30-something/friends of the owners/locals who don’t know or don’t care that this is supposed to be for the trendy new crowd. Or maybe it’s supposed to be for anyone who wants to come – what do I know? The staff and owners could not have been nicer to me…and I’d go again just for their fried oyster po’ boy sandwich – which started out as a way to eat without standing on line at Rockaway Taco, but ended up being one of the best fried seafood sandwiches of my life! Really though, I’m just waiting for the beach scene at Fort Tilden to get going again. Without that, the Rockaways hipster hype is short on the hipsters, long on the hype. xo

the girls of new york fashion week

New York – FEB 2014 – still dozens of photos I want to share with you guys from New York Fashion Week! For now, here’s @thedanistahl + @nataliehartleywears + @drasintwins + @garypeppergirl + @emilylanestyle + @shionat + @mduenasjacobs + @miraduma + @chiaraferragni + @rumineely + @racheletnicole + @camtyox + @jujujuxiaowen and friends. More soon! xo

there’s snow business like show business

Out and about during the first couple of days at New York Fashion Week – Feb 2014. Also, I shot street style yesterday at 7 shows…so lots more coming soon! Some of these photos were shot outside the main post office in midtown, NYC…there’s an inscription (often referred to as “the postman’s creed”) on that building that reads, “neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”…appropriate, no? Henceforth I shall be referring to this as “the street style photographer’s creed”. hehe x

country ‘grammers – at nyfw

Boiled wool coats…several different types of plaid…Carhartt-esque work trousers…duck boots…pants informally cinched with rope and worn leather belts – they may have been carrying high-tech devices, but there was something decidedly rustic and anachronistic in the air (both on the runway and off) at the Creatures of Comfort show in New York on Thursday 2.6.14. Perhaps the stunning setting for the show influenced the showgoers to dress accordingly? The circa-1899 refectory at The High Line Hotel looks like nothing so much as the dining hall of an enormous country manor. I’m sure that the snowy weather we’ve had recently in New York influenced everyone’s wardrobe decisions as well. Still, this wasn’t the usual vintage-inspired rustic look that I’m accustomed to seeing on the streets of Brooklyn – this was something different. After the show, I even spotted one girl wearing what could only be described as a prairie dress (with boots to match) – bringing a bit of the countryside to the city while remaining demurely feminine. x

at the standard ice rink – new york

Sporty in the City – when an alpine fresh geometric ski sweater meets tailored leather trousers, amazing things happen! x

A Hot Way To Stay Cool – New York

Here’s @peaceloveshea in New York on 9.12.13…because perforated leather short shorts are always a good idea…

The Bruises Of Summer – Williamsburg

A Birthday Party At The Plaza Hotel

At The Plaza Hotel on November 21st, 2013. Who says Eloise isn’t real?

Mr. Newton, The Movie – At NYFW

While shooting at New York Fashion Week last week, I was excited to be shadowed one day by a film and video crew from Gilt Groupe. They came along as I was shooting street style at morning shows at Lincoln Center (at Tory Burch and J. Crew)…and then later in the day shooting at Rodarte and Marc by Marc Jacobs in West Chelsea. It’s all part of my ongoing monthly series of street style-inspired flash sales at
I love documentaries…and behind-the-scenes glimpses of interesting things – I’m sure many of you guys would agree. And while we all enjoy looking at street style photography, if you’ve never been to the shows (and perhaps even if you have) it’s a bit of a mystery as to exactly how these photos come about. Do I know these girls or are they strangers? Are they actually attending the shows or coming to them specifically to have their photo taken? Do they stop for me or are they “doing a runner”? How do you decide who to shoot? Our little video here should provide answers to at least a couple of these questions! If you’re intrigued and want to know more, you’ll have to come to the shows. Paris Fashion Week is next for me – I’m flying out to shoot that next Tuesday. Up next – lots more of my favorite street style looks from NYFW! xx Mr. Newton