Song of the Season S/S 14 – My Runway Soundtrack Prediction

Admit it – even if you are one of the editors or bloggers or other professionals who claim to be at a fashion show for “work” – lots of times you’re actually just sitting there rocking out to the amazing runway music! I mean you’re probably pretty exhausted anyway…and you can look at the show photos later to verify the details of the clothes that just whizzed by…but the spectacle…the lights…the chills down the spine…the MUSIC…these are the things that hit you in the moment. A great fashion show is like a slightly-understated-and-somewhat-arty-though-still-big-budgeted Broadway musical – only with really tall actresses and an exceptionally talented costume designer. And the music! Nothing is more important to a fashion show than the music – nothing else can lift a mediocre show or kill the vibe on a great show quite like the music – not the casting, not the set design, not the lighting design, not the clothes themselves.

Pre-streetstyle I used to soundtrack fashion shows for a living…and as the season approaches, I still slip into this mode where I’m somewhat subconsciously keeping an ear out for great new tracks. While there are many ways of approaching things when working on show music (familiar tracks? unusual cover versions of familiar tracks? retro/1920s-1990s period music? unreleased/exclusive tracks? remixes? live band playing?), one approach that often works well is this – predicting which brand new artist/which brand new track is going to really blow up in the coming months AFTER the show. Such that everything about the show seems to be looking ahead to the coming season…predicting the future…showing the way forward. “Oh and while you’re at it, could you make sure that it’s just a really amazing tune? That it has the right tempo for the girls to walk to? With some on-point lyrics and chills-down-the-spine atmosphere? Plus it should probably be a remix – something that’s a bit hard to find and wasn’t pulled straight off the album. And please make sure that it’s either unreleased or was only released in the week or two preceding the show. Thanks!” It can be hard to tick all the boxes…but in my estimation, “Royals” (The Weeknd Remix) by Lorde does just that. It’s my choice for “most ubiquitous track of the global S/S 14 collections”. It’s a great track – enjoy it now before you’re sick of it. xx Mr. Newton

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Stay Up, Stay Out

Late night – well, early morning really – on Friday March 8th – lying in bed in London after Paris Fashion Week – watching TV because I couldn’t sleep – I came across the video for the new song “Stay Out” by the 18-yr-old Scottish singer Nina Nesbitt. The happy/sad/melancholy/world-weary mood of the track really fit my jet lagged mood at the moment…and I still love it days later…even after getting some sleep…so I thought I should share it with you guys. You can jump on this early – the track is not released commercially for nearly another month – it’s out on April 7th in the UK, April 9th in the US – AND – you’re in on the early stages of Nina’s whole career – she has no full-length albums out yet – and no CDs out period – just a few digital-download-only EPs. (Also – worth mentioning – I was watching my favorite channel, 4Music – though if you have a comprehensive satellite television package in London there are several other all-music-video channels. Blows away our domestic Music Television here in the US…which these days shows no music videos whatsoever.)

Speaking of watching music videos late night in London – what a wonderful experience that is! There’s an undeniably magical feeling – as happened with “Stay Out” – when a video/song comes on that maybe you’ve never heard before but that somehow speaks directly to YOU and YOUR MOOD at the moment. It’s the sort of magical/wistful feeling that is more likely to happen late at night…when the video or radio programmer or club DJ seems to be tapping into the collective unconscious and reading your sleep-deprived mind…AND…these magical-yet-strangely-sad late night moments also happen to be the lyrical subject matter of “Stay Out”…so it all gets a bit too too meta and you should just sit back and let the feeling happen and not examine it too much. x

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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Yes! Just released today! Finally!!!

Here’s Carly Rae’s brand-new video for “This Kiss” – the latest single off of her new album, “Kiss”. And no I’m not being ironic and no this is not a guilty pleasure. It’s a pleasure, but I have no guilt about it! I love pop music…and dance music…and one-hit wonders (though it looks like she may actually have a career now – which is great)…and I love trendy fashion…and music videos…and the 80’s…and the 90’s.

Things that I specifically love about this video?? The 90’s rave/warehouse party setting – especially when she’s performing and people are going crazy behind her (great job video director dude!)…her hair…the synth-y/80’s/electro vibe of the song itself…her hair…the crop top + graphic jeans + neon orange heels ensemble that she’s wearing at the end (so on-trend Carly/Carly’s stylist!)…the clothes throughout the entire video…her hair. I think two Youtube commenters summed it up best when they said, “she’s like really hot. i freakin love her” and “I LOVE HER HAIR OMG”…

This is seriously one of the best music videos of the year! Make sure to watch it in full-screen mode and in full 1080p HD! x

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