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In The Courtyard At Missoni – Milan

At Marni – Milan

Blocking Out The Rain – Milan

On a side street near the Missoni show venue…some big blocks of color to brighten a rainy day!

Italy Is For Lovers

On the street during Milan Fashion Week. How do you say, “She’s killin’ it” in Italian?

Near Porta Venezia metro – Milan

Gorgeous girl…amazing vintage jacket. I bought a cool embroidered jacket a couple of years ago in Tokyo. Mine is cool…but hers blows mine away. Hers is literally the best I’ve ever seen. xo

Ciao Milano!

Hi there…or should I say, ciao! I’ve arrived in Milan for Milano Moda Donna – that’s Fashion Week to you and me. I used to think that I didn’t really care that much for Milan Fashion Week…but I’m having a great time here this season and I’m seriously starting to change my mind about that. I mean London was grey all week last week…not much rain, just that permanent English grey that lasts all day. Then I get here and it’s suddenly warm-ish, loads of sun, beautiful girls, great food – I must have been crazy to think that I didn’t like Milan Fashion Week, right?? Seriously.
While I’m having fun…and trying my best to absorb as much fashion/food/culture as possible…my attempts to “go native” have not been entirely successful. After saying “grazie” to my cab driver like 4 times yesterday he asked me, “Is this the only Italian word you know?” I said, “yep, that’s my one.” xx Mr. Newton