“Hill” Street Blues – Milan

At the Jil Sander show, Milan – Taylor Tomasi-Hill, a cool sleeveless printed top, some great red hair…and a big ol’ blue police van that was parked out front. One of the great things about street style is that it’s generally impromptu…but also one of the bad things about street style is that it’s generally impromptu. As a street style snapper you have to be adaptable…and able to adjust on the fly – you never know what (or who) is going to pop into the frame. Just as you’re lining up to shoot one of the best girls of the day well, virtually anything could pop into the background – it might be a family of tourists, a bus, a tram, a labor protest group, Kanye West, a stray herd of antelope – you never can tell. (I’ve actually had all of the above wander through my shots recently, minus the antelope.) You have to quickly adapt, recompose, get the shot, and somehow “make it work”. Or better yet – forget about getting all of the stray distractions out of the shot – find a way to make them work with the shot. I thought the steely blue color of the police van would look nice against Taylor’s gorgeous red hair…so I asked her to stand near it on purpose, rather than cutting it out of the composition. It ended up being one of my favorite photos from Milan! Take that random police van that parks directly outside Jil! xx Mr. Newton

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All That Glitters

I heart Miu Miu glitter booties! Don’t you just love ’em?? I mean they’re a little ridiculous…and they’re all sparkly…and they have that beautiful/silly curved heel…and they cost like $20 million dollars – all of which makes them highly impractical – which is exactly the point. EVERYONE who buys these feels like she’s treating herself – you can’t even kid yourself that these are wardrobe staples that you’ll “get lots of wear” out of. This is a fashion item that is meant to make the owner SMILE – seriously everyone who buys them probably puts them on and walks back and forth in front of their bedroom mirror grinning like a f-ing idiot! haha They’re pretty much a recession-proof item and should be taught at fashion schools during courses on creating consumer desire. Here are 3 real-life sightings that I shot on the street during Milan Fashion Week – September, twenty eleven. Have a great weekend everyone! xo

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