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Hey – you know it’s almost time for New York Fashion Week to kick-off when you start to see packs of models heading to runway show castings. I’ve been right out there in the cold with them this week, chasing along after them with my camera in tow. I thought you guys might like to see some of my photos! xo Mr. Newton

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  1. stunning!

    really diggin’ the holes in the shirts in the first and last shot.


  2. your pictures are great, I especially love the first outfit 😀

  3. Alice in photos 6&7 (winner of Australia’s Next Top Model) looks amazing!

  4. Alice is awesome – I love the Aussies!

  5. Does anybody know where does the shearling vest of the 1st picture come from??!

  6. Who doesn’t love a little thumbs up action?

  7. that last girl is so cute! her outfit and face are adorable and she looks like a blast. LOVE these winter nyc outfits! they really did it up

  8. Love the last one!! Beauty and funny in one!!
    Nice pics, Mr. Newton!!!


  9. On the last picture is Darla Baker, model. Amazing pics!

  10. finally, one of these girls makes a goofy face/action. i’ve been browsing fashion blogs for a few years and this is the first photo where i’ve seen this happen. so refreshing. i guess what i’m getting at is one can act silly while still looking extremely stylish. good job newton and baker

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