Hi there – if you are in New York you must go see the coolest movie of the summer – Breathless – now playing exclusively at Film Forum. I went yesterday and really enjoyed myself. It’s playing through next Thursday, June 17th in a fantastic restored print…the sprucing up was supervised by the original cinematographer in celebration of the film’s 50th anniversary. I’ve seen a nice print of Breathless before – (on the big screen at the famous Everyman Cinema in Hampstead, London…back when the Everyman was a repertory cinema showing loads of great old classics) – but this new print is by far the best print of the film I’ve ever seen.
In reviewing this limited 50th anniversary release, the Times film critic A.O. Scott says that Breathless lacks a “coherent plot” and suggests instead that “style is everything” in the film. My question to Mr. Scott would be – Are you sure you’re not thinking of Contempt? Now there’s a Godard movie that’s all kinds of incomprehensible but with style to burn. Breathless, on the other hand has one of the most linear and easy-to-understand plots of any Godard film. It’s true though that you don’t want to get so lost in reading subtitles and following along that you take your eyes off of the film’s central allure – a young Jean Seberg wandering Paris in the summer of 1959. You’ll see the pixie cut, vintage convertibles, the Champs-Elysees, striped dresses, white gloves, cigarettes, stolen kisses, men’s fedoras worn androgynously in post-coital hotel beds…and the inspiration behind every editorial shoot that Sienna Miller has ever done. Hurry! xx Mr. Newton

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  1. haha – oh well, I guess stylish minds think alike, huh Agnes?

  2. Also – you can buy a good quality New York Herald Tribune t-shirt at the Vintage Magazine shop in Soho, London with a fairly trim/stylish fit…because it’s a European t-shirt. I wouldn’t be surprised if the quality/fit is even better than the Rodarte ones.

    This is one of my very favorite stores in London! I’ve bought many vintage fashion/music/girlie magazines there.

  3. Breathless is a French New Wave, EXISTENTIAL film! They were resisting the traditional idea of ‘coherent plot’. Scott goes on to say that said plot was, ‘disregarded with a cavalier insouciance that feels like LIBERATION’. You’re making it sound like he was criticizing the film, or didn’t understand it, while really he’s very aptly explaining what that film movement was all about. And it WAS all about style, because that was a great way to get around their post war budget restrictions…. blah blah blah. I think it’s a great article.

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