Boom Boom…Wow!

In the Meatpacking District…this dress was made for her body, her body was made for this dress. Me? I was just happy to be there to watch her walk. xx

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  1. You are seriously a creep.

  2. How is he a creep?! Her body is beautiful

  3. I’m actually more of a non-serious, casual, occasional creep. I wouldn’t mind being a serious creep, but New York is expensive and I have rent to pay and work to do.

  4. Wow she’s got one huge booty

  5. amazing body, great dress, nice hair!

  6. I’m still confused as to how you’re masquerading under the label “fashion blog.” It’s creepy because you don’t give a damn about clothing unless it’s clinging to a woman’s ass or revealing her cleavage. It’s consistently clear that you take pictures of women in order to gawk at their body parts. Way to go, Humbert Humbert, you’re not a man unless you’re demeaning and objectifying girls and women.

  7. Yes Cory, but the difference between you and I is that you think it’s wrong to take pictures of women in order to gawk at their bodies. Have you ever been to New York in the summer? I spend a good portion of my day gawking at women’s bodies! I’m just trying to do an honest blog and not front and not censor myself to meet anyone else’s notions. I don’t have an employer who can fire me if they don’t like the tone of what I do here. You think that you’re right and I’m wrong. What’s much more important to me is that I don’t care if you’re right – this is my blog.

    I think perhaps you’ve gotten it backwards – maybe some of the other straight guys who do street style photography blogs are masquerading – but I’m certainly not. They’re masquerading that it’s “purely about fashion” for them – whereas I have the guts to wear my drool on my sleeve. When you finish school, will you have the guts to live your life honestly and be true to yourself? Very few people do.

    Also, I’ve never said that this is a “fashion blog” – I think fashion blogs are boring.

  8. i think your presentation is refreshing 🙂 wearing an outfit like that you’ve got to be ready for the droolers, but its about her feeling sexy. i’m a female and even sometimes walking around in the summer you just gotta stop and say “dayyumm”.

  9. I love your pictures and have never – as a woman- felt offended in any way.
    BTW this one reminds me of the Kardashian chicks…

  10. I’m glad you wear your drool on your sleeve. Americans can be so puritan!! In Europe that would not even be a topic. Women in the USA tend to want to tone down their sexuality, for the fear of being judge by the “Cory’s”. Flaunt it. Beautiful women are beautiful women!! I love your blog. Rock on!!

  11. Excuse me saying Americans, I meant United States.

  12. Damn, she looks fine.

    Hey, people STOP BEING GAY.

    Newton keep it real man. I love the pictures you take, you don’t get to see natural beauty in photoshoots.

  13. Cory should move on if she isn’t into this site! Like maybe time for her to get her own life…tons of creeps out in NYC, and He is proud to be one as well…

    Keep up the great work Mr. Newton

    -He approves

  14. Okay, I have to say I fall somewhere between Cory and Mr. Newton on this one. I think what makes all the drool on this blog okay is that it’s done in a hugely admiring tone most of the time that respects women for more than just their looks. And one of the strengths of this blog for me is that it’s so obvious the man behind the camera finds women absolutely beautiful, and, sometimes, hot as shit. You’re just “happy to be there to watch her walk.” The problem, to my mind, is that it can be a very fine line between being happy to watch her walk and having the attitude that she’s only there for you to watch her. In this voyeuristic city, too much of the attention women get ignores the fact that they’re people, too, even when they look hot.

    The difference for me lies in the final pictures. And clearly, this woman has some personality that shines through in the picture. Her attitude and her outfit are highlighted, showing off her subjectivity. Sex may have been on the photographer’s mind, but it’s not the subject of the picture; she is.

    And I also have to say that I appreciate the relaxed nature of the commentary on this blog as opposed to some that think they can all of a sudden write intelligently just because they can point a camera.

  15. 1) @ cory: I’m not sure what you see here that indicates anyone is being “demeaned” or “objectified.” On the contrary – this seems like something more akin to ‘worship.’ Secondarily, even if it were a form of objectification, what’s the harm? I wish i were appreciated for my appearance. Maybe you do, too.

    2) @ Vanessa: I wish ‘you people’ would give up that preachy “Americans are so puritanical” BS. It’s a ridiculous, cheap, clichéd generalization. It’s no better (and no more accurate) than saying “all Mexicans…” or “all blacks…” or “all Muslims….” We don’t walk around spewing things like “all Euros are smelly, smoky whores,” do we? Well….

    3) @ the woman in the photo: 917-514…..

  16. here’s my opinion in this little situation: mr. newton is not a creep, he’s a straight guy who enjoys women. now– go out and find me one guy who doesn’t like looking at hot girls, then you can talk.

    thought so.

    and for the record, i would kill to have a body like that. with some curve and whatnot.

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