Blocking Out The Rain – Milan

On a side street near the Missoni show venue…some big blocks of color to brighten a rainy day!

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  1. Wow, that’s a surefire way to beat the rain. I love her jacket; it’s so striking when paired with that skirt!

  2. I want a rain coat like that. I’m such a hypocrite because I totally rail against them (they make my life so hard as a Chicago street style photographer) but I totally wear my navy North Face raincoat when it rains.

    I’ve resolved to purchase a brightly colored one for spring. I’m thinking pink!

  3. love the mustard/ketchup combo…. too cute!

  4. Actually i think it is from TopShop…i was going to buy it recently. they have yellow as well and it is gorgeous. there’s also blue…its like $92 dollars. 🙂

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