Black Eyed Steez

Out last night in NYC at the Corduroy magazine party at Milk Studios… xxx

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  1. The first girl and the girl in the green hat are just adorable 🙂

  2. first stunner – Charlotte Kemp Muhl

    green hat stunner – Irina Lazareanu

  3. Woow! the first girl looks awesome! and the blonde girl with the beige hat and red lips too!

  4. damn the guy with Cory looks pretty fucked. Love the shots though!

  5. These photos are great. They go way beyond typical party photos and look more like an editorial shoot. Plus the people are beautiful.

  6. Awesome stuff. You made a really nice compilation. Thanks!

  7. I’ve read a little bit of your blog and your photos are great!

  8. Yeah. The first girl has amazing legs. Perfect legs to be exact. (And the girl with the straw hat).

  9. fabulous, love the doe eyed girl in front of the brick wall

  10. that first girl is so beautiful end sexy!

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