Belle of the Flea

Hey – after hitting the greenmarket in McCarren Park over the Labor Day weekend, I headed to the Brooklyn Flea – where I spotted this cutie. If you’re thinking of dipping your toes into the bell-bottom trend this early fall, I mean this is really a textbook example of how to do it. Hers are vintage 70’s dead stock…which is great…but yours don’t have to be. It’s really all about her little cropped blouse here – this top really showcases the rise and the waist and just the whole silhouette of her jeans. It’s still warm enough to mimic this look if you hurry…but a long-sleeved western plaid shirt tucked neatly into your bells is a cute and authentic option as the weather gets cooler. Her haute-hippie hair, looongg strap on her leather bag, and retro semi-skinny belt are important parts of her look as well. American Apparel has some great leather belts in throwback colors that would work perfectly…my fave colors are the taupe and the bordeaux…and no, they didn’t pay me to say that! xx Mr. Newton

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  1. she has the prettiest hair i have ever seen! and gosh…could her legs look any longer? don’t think so.

    i love that she ties it all together with some vintage-y pieces, but it’s not like she has a “i’m trying to bring back the 70’s” neon sign on her head.

    after spending 5 hours on hmwk, this blog makes me smile 🙂

  2. I love your blog mr newton! and this chick is sooo perfect! just my style.. high waist is the most flattering way to wear jeans

    i wanted to go to the brooklyn flea last weekend but we went to the hell’s kitchen flea market instead. I got an awesome vintage trench coat there.

    my blog honors your blog haha

  3. Abby – you rock! I honor YOU!

    I’ll def have to check out the Hell’s Kitchen flea market – I’ve actually never been.

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