Be A Model…or just look like one!

Stalking the stylish on the street in New York – spring 2010. Amazing amateur or professionally pretty…it really doesn’t matter to me…I love them all! xxx

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  1. Loved your post title! Amazing pics! especially the first girl! She looks so stylish! Like a model 🙂

  2. Hi lafashionelle – I’m glad you like the pics!
    Yes – the first girl is Freja – a top model.


  3. Lovely pictures… the best part is that they are like treasures you hunt for…

  4. love freja!

  5. love these shots mr n….is the last girl some model too? pretty so pretty.

  6. Jules! I’m glad you like these shots! The last girl is Mariel with Ford models.


  7. the heart-printed-dress girl put an amazing outfit together! the sunglasses really pulled it off, for me anyway.
    the ford girl looks so approachable, but not sloppy..i love it

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