True Bromance

Grum’s new single “Through The Night” is on heavy rotation at the Mr. Newton HQ at the moment. It’s so awesome…it makes me want to DJ at a sweaty Fashion Week dance party just so I can play it at the peak of the night! It’s that kind of jammy-jam. And the video! I mean Taylor, I’mma let you finish, but Grum has made one of the greatest videos of all time!

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Just Coasting

Summer anthem much??

(P.S. – I’m usually a big fan of singles rather than albums…but in this case (Crazy for You – Best Coast) you should really buy the whole album…most of their songs sound the same…and I mean that as a compliment…the whole album is like one big hazy, sunny, distorted, fuzzy, pop dream…it’s great to listen to the whole thing straight thru.
P.P.S. – Have you ever gone to the beach and laid on your back with your head facing the water and done the upside down “the ocean is now the sky” thing that they do at the beginning of this video? It’s really freaky and cool…it’s like waves are breaking across the sky…I just did it a few days ago at Jones Beach…haha! Yes, I’m a dork. I don’t care – it’s summer and I’m having fun… xx)

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L’Orange Bleue

Hi – so the other day I’m walking down Broome Street and in the near distance I see this girl coming towards me…I can’t make out exactly what she’s wearing just yet, but it seems to involve bright colors and white sunglasses…neither of which am I a particularly huge fan of…BUT…she catches my eye so I stop on the corner of Broome and Crosby to wait for her, thinking I might shoot her photo. As she gets closer, I see the colors of her outfit…then I’m all, “wait orange and blue…hold on…I’m standing directly across from Cafe L’Orange Bleue right now!” “Excuse me, can I shoot your photo…and could you stand right here please?” haha (Yes – I am easily amused. Still though, what are the chances? I mean even if you stood there all day, what are the chances?? And no, she doesn’t work there.) xx


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