At Thakoon Yesterday

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  1. helllooooo legs, and check out those shoes! CUTE!

  2. wowzer, I wish I had pins like her!

  3. Great shot!

  4. Can also be seen on the Sartorialist

  5. Stunning outfit, I love the combination of those the color of the shorts and jacket with the cute shoes.

  6. mr. schuman spotted her as well. you both tend to find the 40″ legs.

  7. there she is again, the DVF lady, i have seen her a lot! as is said before, i never thought that the combination of the shorts and the jacket would look that smashing! i have the shorts but i am way too short to combine it with the jacket! but it looks amazing on this killer lady with her killer legs

  8. I love the way she has combined polka-dots+stripes!! Not only mixing patterns, but colors!!

  9. this woman is so fabulous! i love her.

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