At Milk Studios

Style on the street near Milk Studios on the first day of New York Fashion Week…

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  1. the tights in the second picture are so fab!



  2. Love them all!

  3. Wow! Love that look in the first photo — that soft white fur against the shiny black leather. And the girls in the second photo have some brilliant style too.

  4. These are really great Mr. Newton! Love Carolina and the second girls are beyond!

  5. i love all of this! and wow, the color combination in the second picture.

  6. I love the neon leggings on the 2nd pic. Does anyone knows where is it from?

  7. Oh my giddy aunt!
    The two Blonde girls.
    There are no words.
    If my brand/business (Table Tonic) was a streetstyle image, you just captured it Mr Newton!!!
    With bells on!

  8. Those green neon shoes…*sigh* OB-sessed!!

    Where can I get those?! HELP! <3

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