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I heart Miu Miu glitter booties! Don’t you just love ’em?? I mean they’re a little ridiculous…and they’re all sparkly…and they have that beautiful/silly curved heel…and they cost like $20 million dollars – all of which makes them highly impractical – which is exactly the point. EVERYONE who buys these feels like she’s treating herself – you can’t even kid yourself that these are wardrobe staples that you’ll “get lots of wear” out of. This is a fashion item that is meant to make the owner SMILE – seriously everyone who buys them probably puts them on and walks back and forth in front of their bedroom mirror grinning like a f-ing idiot! haha They’re pretty much a recession-proof item and should be taught at fashion schools during courses on creating consumer desire. Here are 3 real-life sightings that I shot on the street during Milan Fashion Week – September, twenty eleven. Have a great weekend everyone! xo

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  1. I wondered how long until we started seeing them all over “real girls” feet rather than just on editors and in magazines ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want a pair. I mean…they are covered in glitter!

  2. You are exactly right on! I bought a pair (pink/gold) and all my friends thought I was crazy and that I should use the money to buy something practical. I am ALWAYS practical. It was so fun to make an insane purchase, and just taking them out of the box brightens my day. When I wear them, people stop me on the street or shout at me out their car window.

    Thanks for the inspiration, I love how all three women have styled them completely different. I’ve been pairing them with 40’s looks like the runway. I love how the third woman just casually threw them on with her denim shirt. Who needs a special occasion for something so gorgeous?

  3. I gotta say–when I first saw them a few months ago I simply salivated over these. I mean, coveted! Yearned! But they’ve gotten so much exposure over the past fashion weeks that they’ve lost some of that pull power. Don’t get me wrong, they’re gorgeous and sparkly, but they’re not as special as they once were. wow–am i a kill joy or what!?

  4. I took a photo of the 3rd girl too ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I agree they are completly unneccessary but I want them soooo bad!

  6. I totally agree with you! I’d do the same if I had the money ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. definitely, these are the shoes of the season!

  8. @Amy – loved your comment! x

  9. I COULDN’T AGREE MORE!!! Which is exactly why I want a pair, haha. They are beautiful, over-the-top, impractical, and lovely.

  10. Miu Miu pretty much make just the most beautiful footwear, full-stop. Girly yet grown up, and really desireable. That said, I am not digging the hoof-heels on these and think it would count me out from purchasing them, despite my glitter addiction!!


  11. this post just made our day! hahahahahahahahaha
    We saw them all over the place and just couldnยดt make up our minds about them…
    Visit our blog for more trends and fashion!
    Besos, from Ecuador

  12. @cakesandshakes – the heels are definitely hoof-like…I love them though! They really make the shoe if you ask me. It wouldn’t look nearly as special (nor as expensive) without this heel. If knockoffs of this shoe get anything wrong it will be this heel – wait and see.

    There’s no doubt that fashion design teams draw inspiration from nature and animals…and I think sometimes it may be a quite literal thing…this heel is so hoof-like in fact that I think the designer must have had a photo of an animal hoof in front of them while sketching – no kidding.

  13. MAMA WANTS THESE SO BADDDDD. but i have to pay rent damn it.

  14. I love those MIU MIU shoes! Such a statement… been on my wish list all along! Love love love..

    xx Devi

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