All That Glitters

I heart Miu Miu glitter booties! Don’t you just love ‘em?? I mean they’re a little ridiculous…and they’re all sparkly…and they have that beautiful/silly curved heel…and they cost like $20 million dollars – all of which makes them highly impractical – which is exactly the point. EVERYONE who buys these feels like she’s treating herself – you can’t even kid yourself that these are wardrobe staples that you’ll “get lots of wear” out of. This is a fashion item that is meant to make the owner SMILE – seriously everyone who buys them probably puts them on and walks back and forth in front of their bedroom mirror grinning like a f-ing idiot! haha They’re pretty much a recession-proof item and should be taught at fashion schools during courses on creating consumer desire. Here are 3 real-life sightings that I shot on the street during Milan Fashion Week – September, twenty eleven. Have a great weekend everyone! xo


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