Afternoon Delight – Pt. 2

Hi – here’s the rest of my summer street fashion/hot girls photos from the Pool Party in Williamsburg on Sunday. My favorite band that played was called “the Margherita pizza from Roberta’s pizza truck”. OK – well actually that’s not a band but whatever it was my favorite. If you don’t live here (or if you live on the Upper West Side or Staten Island) and you want to get a sense of what it’s like to be in NYC this summer, then you should read Karley Slutever’s sweeping generalizations. While it’s not an entirely accurate portrait of indie New York (e.g. me and my close friends don’t do coke), there’s a lot of truth to what she says. Plus having lived here for approx. one month, she has a rare mix of insider knowledge and an outsider’s perspective – usually you will have either one or the other. xx Mr. Newton

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  1. Great photos Mr. Newton!

  2. No! Where did all the nicely dressed women go? What’s inspirational about holey clothing and daisy dukes?

  3. Yes Kate but please remember the setting…it’s not Paris Fashion Week…it’s a summer Sunday hang session and concert on the waterfront in a creative/indie/hipster hotspot. Sometimes the goal of an outfit is not to look “nice”…sometimes you might want to look cool or edgy or punk or half-naked – especially in the summer. Although actually I think that lots of these girls do in fact look nice. There’s much more going on here than holes and daisy dukes.

    I personally love high AND low fashion…and fall clothes and summer clothes…and holes and rips and daisy dukes too!

  4. Looove that chick about sixth from the bottom. Great style, great BAG, great hair.

  5. Summer is awesome!! I want to see many cool people like those in your photos when I go out!!

  6. I meant “look great” 🙂

  7. Slutever’s “sweeping generalizations” thing is beyond funny

    x x x

  8. Your last series are very sexy Mr Newton !
    We haven’t seen you last FW in Paris
    congrats anyway

    Easy Fashion Fred

    will you link Easy Fashion on sunny day ?

  9. best street style shots on the planet. honored to make your blog. see you on sunday funday xo

  10. I must say, I like this blog, but I do wish you’d also take pictures of guys.

  11. the variety of pretty ladies here is awesome. I always love the diversity of shapes, sizes and colors. mwah!

  12. First girl looks like Scarlett Johansson.

  13. i am OBSESSED with shirtdresses

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