A Touch Of Lace

Who says that in winter a girl must put away all of her spring/summer/fall fashion faves? I’m fully on board with seasonless dressing…but often the biggest reason for playing a bit of “oops I totes forgot it’s like 5 degrees outside today” is the simple fact that many offices/apts/shops/bars are heated to banana tree-growing levels. It’s not a trend so much as a necessity. When I’m shooting in winter then, I try to keep a sharp eye out for hints and flashes of interesting things going on underneath the coats…and sometimes ask girls to remove their coats. That’s what happened here when I spotted this mystery beauty in Nolita and caught a brief glimpse of her lavender lace bodysuit. Nice. Naughty…but nice.

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  1. love the lace. also, striking resemblance to vanessa carlton.

  2. purty! so purty!

  3. Oooh, classy looking lace bodysuit! Nice.

    I have to say, I’m always really curious about the interactions between street photographers and their subjects. I know personally I would be beyond flattered, but particularly in a city like NYC (where if a stranger talks to me my first thought is to assume the person wants to sell me something or isn’t all there), being asked for a photo or to take off your jacket seems really odd! Again, you’re carrying a camera around, and I’m sure you have lots of practice and are polite, but I’m also sure you have the best stories. 🙂 It’s just so interesting that as a photographer you’re not just observing the city and its inhabitants (like any people-watcher would be) you’re actually required to participate. It’s certainly not a passive role!

  4. I LOVE these colors. They are so weird together that they work. Her over the shoulder coat drape is also pretty darn cool!!!

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