A Mystery On Howard Street

A mystery muse on Howard Street. I see her around downtown sometimes…always with lipstick applied and a sexy pout…imperfect-yet-so-perfect slightly gap-toothed smile…a killer sense of style…and dark circles under her eyes that say “yes” to red wine and cigarettes, “no” to morning meetings.

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  1. Ah, she looks like the French girl from The Lover! Beautiful!

  2. eddie, these photos are amazing. ps i miss you.

  3. Wow Teresa – you are so right – she looks like Jane March in The Lover! Whatever happened to Jane March? Someone needs to style a photo story for a magazine based on that movie…an upcoming summer issue…something with a nice budget like W mag…fly the models and photog to Thailand or Vietnam. I actually saw The Lover on the big screen back in the day – have not seen it since. Now I need to add that at Netflix! Also Color of Night – that movie kicks ass – very underrated – with Jane March as Rose.

  4. J’adore!

  5. Beautiful girls in New York

  6. Lovely set of pictures….

  7. The photo on the lower right, where she is moving her hand to adjust one of the straps that just fell is PRICELESS! I’d say this could be submitted to any photo contest and be a winner. Her move to fix her strap, but the shy but coy look on her face is all very intriguing. Wonderful shot.

  8. I know this girl!! she studies experimental theatre with me at tisch.
    Her name is Hailey Gates. she is so great!

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