A Flea Grows In Brooklyn

Ahh the sweet signs of spring in the city – cherry blossoms, birds singing, colorful spring fashion, people on bikes, outdoor dining, exposed flesh soaking up the sun…and the Brookyln Flea opening its outdoor season! You see the Flea – like the rest of us – is forced to spend the winter indoors. Starting this weekend however (and continuing until the weekend of Nov. 19th/20th), the Flea is back in its outdoor home in Ft. Greene on Saturdays, and in a new space on the waterfront in Williamsburg on Sundays. Yes – the Flea is coming to Williamsburg! As a proud resident of the ‘burg and as a huge fan of the Flea, I couldn’t be happier about this. I’ve been riding my bike to the Ft. Greene and (now defunct) DUMBO spaces for the past two years…to buy vintage clothes, furniture, and cool old photography books and magazines…and to eat at the food stalls from Pizza Moto (wood-burning oven pizza), The Loading Dock (fish tacos), and People’s Pops (artisanal popsicles and shave ice). Now I’ll still be riding my bike to the Flea and doing this stuff…it’s just that I won’t have as far to ride. Also, there are much better après Flea options for shopping/brunch/dinner, etc. in Williamsburg and Greenpoint than there are in Ft. Greene and DUMBO – always a good thing on a nice day. Of course I’ll be bringing my camera along with me too – to document all of the cool, casual, boho Flea style. Here now – from my archives – are 25 previously-unseen photos that I shot in and around the Flea last season. Hope u like ’em! xx

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  1. very interesting. i must check it out. i have been going to the 26th street flea market every sunday with my father since i was in a carriage, but i am thinking about spreading my wings. this could be the perfect opportunity. while i don’t find myself in brooklyn too much, seems like a good place to venture to for the flea market.


  2. I’m so excited the Brooklyn Flea is coming to the ‘Burg!!! I love the Fort Greene one but live in Billyburg so I’m looking forward to getting to go more often this spring and summer.

  3. Great pics, Mr. Newton! Spring is in the air, and now I’m ready for it.

  4. Love that you included a photo of yourself in the mix. The man behind the lens!

    I too can’t wait for summer festivals/flea markets. It’s been a loooooooong winter.

  5. Great photos!

    You make it look so cool!

  6. oooh i want to go. artisanal popsicles and ice shavings?! i never knew there was such a thing, it sounds like an absolute dream!

    january, x

  7. beautiful shots, beautiful weather…you are killing me with homesickness Mr. Newton! Lovely to see a pic of thineself in the mix as well, hope you’re holding down the fort on the other side of the pond and to see you soon!

    Lots of Love from London,

  8. amazing photos like always 🙂

    –Michelle from pinklemonincrystal

  9. Great post – LOVE the pics and the description of the Flea. The photo of you is fantastic.

  10. Absolutely love flea markets, NY and some really great, fun photos too!
    But, I am sorry what is with all these over the knee socks? They need to stop now!

  11. I love the photo of the guy with the camera. Could it be someone I recognize? Great photos.

  12. fantastic!
    love the pizza at the end!

  13. #15 = mad Annie Hall vibes

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