Wolf Whistle – Franklin Street, Greenpoint

In Brooklyn on Saturday, Nov. 2nd – whenever I’m biking by Wolves Within on the amazingly low-key Franklin Street shopping corridor in Greenpoint, I often glance in and see the owner Bethany wearing the cutest outfits! On Saturday I could take no more…and even though I was balancing a chair I’d purchased at the Brooklyn Flea on my handlebars, I had to stop and shoot her photo.

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Mr. Newton, The Movie – At NYFW

While shooting at New York Fashion Week last week, I was excited to be shadowed one day by a film and video crew from Gilt Groupe. They came along as I was shooting street style at morning shows at Lincoln Center (at Tory Burch and J. Crew)…and then later in the day shooting at Rodarte and Marc by Marc Jacobs in West Chelsea. It’s all part of my ongoing monthly series of street style-inspired flash sales at Gilt.com.
I love documentaries…and behind-the-scenes glimpses of interesting things – I’m sure many of you guys would agree. And while we all enjoy looking at street style photography, if you’ve never been to the shows (and perhaps even if you have) it’s a bit of a mystery as to exactly how these photos come about. Do I know these girls or are they strangers? Are they actually attending the shows or coming to them specifically to have their photo taken? Do they stop for me or are they “doing a runner”? How do you decide who to shoot? Our little video here should provide answers to at least a couple of these questions! If you’re intrigued and want to know more, you’ll have to come to the shows. Paris Fashion Week is next for me – I’m flying out to shoot that next Tuesday. Up next – lots more of my favorite street style looks from NYFW! xx Mr. Newton

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