Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Yes! Just released today! Finally!!!

Here’s Carly Rae’s brand-new video for “This Kiss” – the latest single off of her new album, “Kiss”. And no I’m not being ironic and no this is not a guilty pleasure. It’s a pleasure, but I have no guilt about it! I love pop music…and dance music…and one-hit wonders (though it looks like she may actually have a career now – which is great)…and I love trendy fashion…and music videos…and the 80’s…and the 90’s.

Things that I specifically love about this video?? The 90’s rave/warehouse party setting – especially when she’s performing and people are going crazy behind her (great job video director dude!)…her hair…the synth-y/80’s/electro vibe of the song itself…her hair…the crop top + graphic jeans + neon orange heels ensemble that she’s wearing at the end (so on-trend Carly/Carly’s stylist!)…the clothes throughout the entire video…her hair. I think two Youtube commenters summed it up best when they said, “she’s like really hot. i freakin love her” and “I LOVE HER HAIR OMG”…

This is seriously one of the best music videos of the year! Make sure to watch it in full-screen mode and in full 1080p HD! x

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Lotta – Down By The Water – Stockholm

Sometimes I spot girls like Lotta when I’m walking down by the water in Stockholm…

Whenever I’m in Stockholm, I always try to spend as much time as possible down by the water…or out on the water…or swimming in the water. It’s quite nautical there – Stockholm city is spread out over 14 islands after all…with literally thousands more islands in the nearby Stockholm archipelago. When I was in town recently for Stockholm Fashion Week (late AUG/early SEPT 2012) my hotel room even had a ship’s cabin-like nautical feel – with lots of dark wood and round porthole-esque windows – a common design theme in Scandinavia. (In fact, forget about staying in a ship’s cabin-like space…when in Stockholm, you can book a room on an actual ship.)

One of my favorite things about the nautical feeling of Stockholm is that it’s largely a vintage nautical feeling – many of the boats are sailboats and/or wooden – so it’s quite different from the powerboats/yachts/sexed-up feeling that you find in places like Miami or parts of the Mediterranean. (Not that I don’t love that feeling as well!) Another of my favorite things about nautical Stockholm are the seasonal restaurants that pop-up each summer with views of the water and boats. My favorite of these by far is Nyfiken Gul – a charming yellow wooden shack completely free of tourists down in the woods on the shore of beautiful Lake Malaren. All seating is outdoors…they bring you salad, potatoes, drinks, high-quality raw meat/fish, and grilling utensils…then they fire up several outdoor gas grills…you take it from there. It’s communal and loads of fun – like a casually commercial version of a rooftop Brooklyn BBQ. I went 3 days in a row while I was in town! I can’t wait to go back… x

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Mr. Newton In Paris – October, 2012

Hi – so many photos from Fashion Month to show you guys! Well, actually it was more than one month for me because I did Stockholm Fashion Week just before New York…so I have tons of awesome street style to post from Stockholm, New York, London, Milan, and Paris!

I thought I’d kick things off with a photo of me – hehe. That’s me above wearing my authentic “bleu de travail” aka my authentic French work jacket aka “une veste de la Cunningham“. Jacket purchased in Paris, July 2012…photo shot in Paris, October 2012. More soon… x

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