Favorites From NYFW S/S 2013 – Pt. 1

Jeez – it’s soon going to be time for Fashion Month again (kicking off with NYFW from FEB 7th – FEB 14th, 2013…for those of you keeping score at home) and I’ve still got a good size pile of top quality street style looks to post from last season – yikes! I mean you hear a lot about “oh there are so many photographers outside the shows these days”…but what you don’t hear is that there are so many girls outside the shows these days…and so many amazingly stylish girls (ladies, women)…such that, even if you are highly selective (I am) you still end up with a ton of images after a solid month of shooting. Let’s see…you have the street style superstars of course…and the up-and-comers…the top global fashion editors…and the (perhaps even more stylish) junior editors…the fashion students…the heiresses…the models-off-duty…the celebrities…the stylists…the buyers – and I want to shoot them all!! (Well, all of the interesting/chic/gorgeous ones anyway!) Here then are 25 of my favorite shots and favorite street style looks from NYFW, SEPT 2012 aka S/S 2013. More soon from NYC/LDN/MLN/PRS! xx

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At Sarah Jane’s Wedding – New Orleans

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I was in New Orleans a couple of weeks ago for the wedding of one of my closest friends, Sarah Jane – that’s her above. It was my first time visiting The Big Easy and I had a blast wandering around town in gorgeous weather…checking out the unique culture and food and architecture and history in areas like the French Quarter, Treme, and Garden District. Much of the best stuff I did while in town though really centered around the wedding…and ehh, I don’t even go to weddings…weddings can be sort of a chore, you know? This wedding was different though – I told Sarah Jane that she was essentially throwing a week-long party with a wedding as a side event, hehe! Also, this wedding was chic and full of beautiful and talented people like you wouldn’t believe – artists, photographers, actresses, models, DJs. Just looking at the bride and her 4 bridesmaids alone you have a successful Ivy League-educated art advisor, an Ivy League-educated actress who has had the lead role in two recent Hallmark Channel movies, a well-known DJ from L.A., an actress and model who appeared in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue 3 years in a row, and a fashion/lifestyle journalist whose work has appeared recently in WWD, Travel + Leisure, and loads of other publications – I think you see what I mean. (They asked this under-achiever to pull a Markus Molinari and come along on the bachelorette party…and duh, like I’m going to pass up a night out being the only dude among a group of hot girls!)

As for the photos here…well, I knew that SJ’s wedding would be cute…and she’s one of my very bestest friends…so I knew ahead of time that I wanted to shoot some photos…but I wanted to shoot it my way…and hopefully not end up with typical wedding snaps. When one of her bridesmaids (thanks Julie!) mentioned that their dressing room had these vintage-look mirrors surrounded by exposed lightbulbs…well, before you could say “Carey Mulligan” I raced backstage to shoot their Jazz Age/Art Deco-inspired looks mere moments before the ceremony started. So here you are – my one and only foray into wedding photography…I hope you like ’em! xo

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