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Mom, What’s A Hottie?

In Paris outside the S/S 2012 Balmain show…I saw a young French boy walking past, holding his mother’s hand. He appeared fascinated with the crowd that was exiting the show…and he seemed to be listening in to random conversations and taking it all in…until suddenly, I saw a look of confusion come over his face…and he turned to his mother and asked her (in French of course), “Mom, what’s a hottie?” They stopped walking…and then, with great certainty, she looked her son straight in the eye…and pointed to the girl whose photos you see here…and said, “There son, THERE is a hottie.” He nodded…and smiled knowingly…and they walked on. (OK actually this didn’t happen. But it should have.) x

On Park Avenue – New York

Eleonora was having lunch at the Seagram Building yesterday…

Postcards From The Edge – Brooklyn

Hi guys – if you haven’t made it down to the Brooklyn Flea lately (don’t even tell me you’ve never been) – well this weekend is your last chance for some fun outdoor flea shopping and stylish people watching and yummy artisanal food sampling, etc. After this weekend, the Flea moves indoors for the winter season…which is not as much fun. (But then I’m not the sort of person who tends to associate the words “winter” and “fun” a great deal anyway – perhaps I should take up snowboarding or something?) Anyway, I hope to see some of you guys out there this weekend! I spotted these stylish cuties at the Flea last Sunday, 11.13.11. Have a great weekend everyone! xx Mr. Newton

Mix Master – Milan

Silver Surfer – London

Do Lumberjacks Wear Margiela?

A bit of urban lumberjack, a little Margiela cowgirl, and a whole lot of downtown fall chic – here’s Kate on Lafayette Street yesterday! x

“Hill” Street Blues – Milan

At the Jil Sander show, Milan – Taylor Tomasi-Hill, a cool sleeveless printed top, some great red hair…and a big ol’ blue police van that was parked out front. One of the great things about street style is that it’s generally impromptu…but also one of the bad things about street style is that it’s generally impromptu. As a street style snapper you have to be adaptable…and able to adjust on the fly – you never know what (or who) is going to pop into the frame. Just as you’re lining up to shoot one of the best girls of the day well, virtually anything could pop into the background – it might be a family of tourists, a bus, a tram, a labor protest group, Kanye West, a stray herd of antelope – you never can tell. (I’ve actually had all of the above wander through my shots recently, minus the antelope.) You have to quickly adapt, recompose, get the shot, and somehow “make it work”. Or better yet – forget about getting all of the stray distractions out of the shot – find a way to make them work with the shot. I thought the steely blue color of the police van would look nice against Taylor’s gorgeous red hair…so I asked her to stand near it on purpose, rather than cutting it out of the composition. It ended up being one of my favorite photos from Milan! Take that random police van that parks directly outside Jil! xx Mr. Newton

Carolina FashionSquad In New York – Meow!

I heart carolina fashionsquad! Here she is at Lincoln Center, New York. So many more great girls to show you guys from the recent Fashion Month in New York + London + Milan + Paris!

On West Street, NYC – Morgan Shopbop

Wow – I mean, just wow…

How about that Morgan Shopbop, huh? She’s quickly raced to the very tip top on my shortlist of most favorite-est New York muses. Can you blame me?? x