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The New Bohemian – Elizabeth St., NYC

When The Heat Meets The Street

When you make your living on the streets of a city, you can’t help but keep a close eye on the weather and the many moods of Mother Nature…and so far it’s been a doozy of a summer in New York…Biblical torrents of rain…long dry spells…an earthquake(!)…and in late July, a good old-fashioned New York summer heatwave. For some reason though – when insanely hot weather hits – I get excited and can’t wait to be out and about. Instead of sitting by the air conditioner or taking off for the beach, I grab my camera and hit the street. One thing that I like about a heatwave is that it makes New York feel more like old-school New York – the New York of Taxi Driver, The Warriors, and Summer of Sam…back when urban summer worries were more of the blackout/riot variety…rather than the I-hope-the-line-at-Starbucks-isn’t-too-long-because-I-could-really-do-with-a-Trenta-iced-skim-decaf variety.
Another thing that I like about a heatwave was probably best summed up by The Fresh Prince on the track “Summertime” when he said, “The weather is hot and girls are dressing less…” Even though he’s from West Philly (approx. 95 miles away), I think he seemed to have a clear understanding of the appeal of summer in the city!
Anyway – here are my 50 favorite street style looks from the heatwave in New York City – all shot by me over the course of 3 consecutive days – July 21st (97 degrees), 22nd (104 degrees), and 23rd (100 degrees) – summer twenty eleven. I’m heading out now to pop a water plug just for old times sake… xo

Mr. Newton for Marie Claire Spain – Sept. 2011

Hi everyone – those of you who follow me on Twitter may remember that back in July I did an editorial shoot for Marie Claire Spain. Well, I wasn’t allowed to post the photos from the shoot at the time…BUT…now that the issue has recently been released…I wanted to share the pics with you guys! We shot the story in Paris on the morning of the last day of the couture…and it was probably one of my best experiences ever working on a shoot. We had a stylist and hair and make-up artists of course…but we kept the feel of the shoot firmly rooted in the street style arena. Even our models had an authentic street style feel – they were all students at a local Parisian fashion school. Best of all, we had this amazing Mercedes van with a driver that took us all over central Paris…AND…I had my French friend Esther along to assist me and function as my translator!
Here below then are all of my favorite photos from the day. If you scroll down to the last two images, those are scans of four of the actual pages from the issue. Hope you like!
Also – for those of you who are foreign fashion magazine junkies (i.e. for everyone who reads this blog) – I want to be sure that you guys know about Zinio. It’s a great way to buy inexpensive single issues of high-res digital versions of magazines from around the world – just go to the area in the top right corner of their homepage and change your country when doing a search – also, be sure that safe view is set to “off” or it may filter your search results. Playboy France, anyone? xx Mr. Newton

On Wooster Street – Soho, New York

1st Ave. + St. Marks – East Village, New York

Doll Parts – East Village, New York

Blvd des Filles du Calvaire – Paris

A Crafty Cutie On Lafayette Street

More proof that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to look great – you just need a little attitude, confidence, style…and maybe a sharp pair of scissors. This was a really long dress. She made it into a really short dress. I like this dress better. The print is cute but I imagine that the former long silhouette looked a bit dated. The short version though is a breath of fresh air! It strikes me as a bit vintage kimono-like – and I love vintage kimonos. Her straw topper and casually rolled sleeves certainly up the cute quotient as well – no doubt about that. I’m reminded of Jane March’s wardrobe in The Lover – which btw is a cool movie if you’ve not seen it. xo

“Spotted” On Crosby Street – New York

“Spotted” recently (get it?) on Crosby Street – her entire look is composed of Mr. Newton summer favorites! Polka dots? Yep. Nautical stripes? She’s got ‘em. Shorts? You bet. Chic sandals? But of course.
Shorts in particular are a warm weather favorite of mine – the best ones look chic but never trying-too-hard. Also – a summer outfit has got to be comfortable – otherwise you’re missing the whole point of the season. She looks so pulled-together yet amazingly comfortable. The cutest styling touch is how she’s knotted her shirt – love that. xx Mr. Newton