At Dior Couture – Paris

Oh hi there – how’s it going? If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that for much of the last month or so I’ve been shooting street style in Europe. From the muddy fields of Glastonbury to the beaches of Corsica, from biking around Paris during couture week on through Brick Lane, London – I hit lots of my personal favorite summer street style hotspots. What you might not know though is that it stays light a lot in the northwesternly bits of Europe in mid-summer…and I’m not talking about Scandinavia…I’m talking about England and France. If it’s a clear evening, it’s pretty much light out until 10pm…and I was therefore eating dinner later…and meeting friends and stuff…even went swimming in the Mediterranean one night around 9 or 9:30 – because it wasn’t dark yet. So I was getting back to my hotel/apt around 2am each night…and I was too tired then to stay up and edit photos. Then…in the mornings…around 10am…I would wake up and look outside and it was mostly amazingly sunny…for like 3 weeks! So I would look out and see people sitting in a park or I would see people on the beach or I would see the Eiffel Tower or something ridiculous like that…and I couldn’t bear to sit inside a hotel on a nice day. I’m sure you guys understand what I mean, right?? I mean shooting street style definitely works better in the summer…but editing street style photos definitely works better in like February…when it’s gross outside and gets dark at like 4pm. Plus – when possible – I like to give you guys epic posts! Not posting for a week or so is wack…but going out shooting all day long at some cool event and then posting ONE photo seems really wickedy wack.
So anyway…I’m back in NYC now (and the weather is actually really nice here too…and I’m still living in a hotel…and looking out the window) and I want to get started posting some of my photos from Europe! First up – here’s everything I shot at Dior couture on July 4th, 2011. Lots more coming soon from July in Europe…plus I’ll work in some brand new photos from my daily shooting here in New York of course. I’m heading out to shoot right now in fact…it’s a beautiful summer day out…mustn’t linger inside too long, you know… xx Mr. Newton

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Ooze That Girl?

The rain, the mud, the muck, the sun, the humidity, the music, the fun, the fashion, the love – out among the stylish and the brave at Glastonbury 2011. I’m in Calvi, Corsica this weekend for Calvi On The Rocks (more about that soon!)…and it’s really great here…and not muddy…still though, I’ve been thinking back to the fun that I had last weekend at Glastonbury…and I wanted to share a little photo recap with you guys before moving on to other stuff. I shot these on Saturday and Sunday at Glasto – I hope you like ’em! xx Mr. Newton

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