Worthy Wellie Watch

Hi – I’ve winged on over to England and settled down on Worthy farm for the weekend…aka a cow pasture in Somerset…aka Glastonbury 2011! Here are a selection of my favorite photos from Friday. You can see more of my snaps at harpersbazaar.com. Of course you can always follow my Twitter feed if you want to hear more about what I’m getting up to! xx Mr. Newton

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Pink Wellies 9.99

Hi everyone – well I’ve arrived in the beautiful heart of England to shoot style at Glastonbury 2011! I’ve been to London many times…and to the Isle of Wight…but never really seen much of this area around Glastonbury, Bath, and Wells. I’ve also been to some British music festivals like Reading before…but never to the Glastonbury festival. So it’s a new day and a new adventure for Mr. Newton here! I’m off to the festival site to shoot in just a few minutes – hope you’ve got some cute outfits to go with those Wellies, Glasto! Photos soon… xx

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Stella’s Garden Party

Hi there – I was out and about yesterday in the West Village for Stella McCartney’s resort 2012 presentation. It had a bit of a fun-garden-party-meets-British-church-picnic feel to it…well, if Bono and Liv Tyler and Naomi Watts came to your church picnic…and brought a pinata with them – that’s exactly what it felt like. Here are my photos below…mostly shots of the models wearing the collection…but of course I snapped a few cute attendees as well! xo Mr. Newton

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