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Stars and Stripes

Spotted at the Brooklyn Flea in Williamsburg…happy Memorial Day ya’ll…God bless America! Yay – so excited that summer is finally here!!! Can you believe it?? xo

Chelsea Girl – Vika

My buddy Vika was visiting New York recently. I ran into her on the street in Chelsea…

Style Cadet

When I first spotted Caroline in Soho it was her trashy/chic socks-and-Marni-heels combo that caught my eye. (Hey, at least I’m honest.) Upon closer inspection though what I really went bananas for was her vintage Canadian military jacket. I especially loved all of the original patches saying things like “Captain Vancouver” and “Sea Cadets” – love them! I was also struck by how she seemed to be wearing this jacket almost as a short belted trench. Given that she’s a petite girl, it’s not that surprising that a man’s jacket would fit her more like a trench…but it fit her nicely through the shoulders as well…so the fit was more like a new piece from a women’s wear designer’s military-inspired collection…rather than an actual vintage piece. A classic example of “how to work a bit of vintage quirk into an otherwise off-the-rack look” if you ask me. xx Mr. Newton

On Bond Street – Mathilde

Fashionable At The Flea

If you’re a regular reader of Mr. Newton, you’ll know that there’s nothing that I like better than a great outdoor market…or cool music festival…or rooftop party…or basically anything that involves stylish kids hangin’ outdoors in nice weather. I live for this sort of thing. I loathe winter more than any man has ever loathed winter in the entire history of winter loathing. So when spring weather finally comes around – as it has recently in New York – this is much more exciting to me than any fashion week could ever be. Also – I prefer to shoot real girls with real style – which is what you’ll find at a fashionable market or festival. Here then are my street style photos from the Brooklyn Flea on 4.30.11… xo

On W. 13th Street

On Extra Place

Katie on Extra Place. (Yes, there actually is a street in downtown Manhattan called Extra Place.)

White Is The New Blue

I spotted Naz on Spring Street in Soho…

Is seeing too many pairs of standard-issue denim cut-offs this spring giving you the blues? Do you like to dress different from (i.e., better than) your “friends” such that they sort of start to hate on you but secretly want to be you? Then why not mix it up with a white pair? They look amazing when paired with the perfect thin white tee from Al Wang or The Row or even American Apparel – Mr. Newton is not a snob. What’s really cool about this little monochromatic script flip though is that it takes denim cut-offs out of their West Coast/vintage/L.A./music festival comfort zone, and moves them in a decidedly more New York/urban/off-duty model direction. And really, who doesn’t want to look like an off-duty model?

On Crosby Street