Style Cadet

When I first spotted Caroline in Soho it was her trashy/chic socks-and-Marni-heels combo that caught my eye. (Hey, at least I’m honest.) Upon closer inspection though what I really went bananas for was her vintage Canadian military jacket. I especially loved all of the original patches saying things like “Captain Vancouver” and “Sea Cadets” – love them! I was also struck by how she seemed to be wearing this jacket almost as a short belted trench. Given that she’s a petite girl, it’s not that surprising that a man’s jacket would fit her more like a trench…but it fit her nicely through the shoulders as well…so the fit was more like a new piece from a women’s wear designer’s military-inspired collection…rather than an actual vintage piece. A classic example of “how to work a bit of vintage quirk into an otherwise off-the-rack look” if you ask me. xx Mr. Newton

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