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Lincoln Center Superstars

Hi there – here are 4 of my personal favorites from yesterday’s competition at the Street Style World Cup aka New York Fashion Week! Not so much time to write now (heading out to today’s matches, err…I mean shows) but you can see more of my photos from the week at and follow along on my Twitter to hear what I’m getting up to each day. Heading to the Bloglovin’ Awards dinner/party later tonight! xx Mr. Newton

I Heart NYFW!

I heart NYFW! How about you? My photos from yesterday… xo

At Milk Studios

Style on the street near Milk Studios on the first day of New York Fashion Week…

Casting About

Hey – you know it’s almost time for New York Fashion Week to kick-off when you start to see packs of models heading to runway show castings. I’ve been right out there in the cold with them this week, chasing along after them with my camera in tow. I thought you guys might like to see some of my photos! xo Mr. Newton

The Sun Shines On Brick Lane

Hi everyone – there’s all kinds of fun stuff coming up on Mr. Newton this week…and for several weeks to follow! Not only does New York Fashion Week start this week (on Thursday to be exact), but I’m pleased to tell you that I’ll be shooting street style for Harper’ at the shows in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. So some of my photos will appear here as usual…and some will appear on their site…but I’ll keep you updated here with info and links to photos elsewhere, have no fear.
First up though, are some photos that I’ve been promising for a while – my photos from an awesome sunny Sunday afternoon that I spent at Brick Lane Market, London, fall 2010. This is one of my very favorite places to shoot street style in the whole world. In fact, it’s one of my very favorite places to hang out in the whole world, period. Hope you like ‘em! Chat soon – xx Mr. Newton

Portobello Pin-Ups Pt. 2

Portobello Market on a Friday morning is a quintessential London experience. While Saturdays (the much more crowded main market day) are fun in their own way, Friday is considered “vintage clothing day” at Portobello. As such, Fridays are also considered the “it-girl day” and the “locals day” – in an unofficial sense of course. All of which means that here at Mr. Newton, we consider Fridays at Portobello to be “street style day”.
I like to start off early with breakfast at Eve’s Market Cafe (double bacon please) and a look at The Sun. (Yes there really is an Eve and you should say hello to her and her daughter. And yes, I read The Sun.) Then I start shooting street style around 9am…and have pretty much wrapped things up by 1 or 2pm. Here’s part 2 of my photos from a recent fall Friday at Portobello. You can check out part 1 of these photos here. xo