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Talkin’ ’bout A Revolution

Hi everyone – join me at Evolving Influence/IFB Conference on Feb. 10th and at the Blog Lovin’ Awards on Feb. 13th! I’ll be moderating the first panel of the day at the conference and hanging with friends at the awards show. Here’s more…
As some of you may know, I’ve been shooting street style and posting the photos online since 2005. At first, I was just sharing the photos with friends and a few people in the industry – I still made most of my money DJing runway shows and various parties. Since mid-2007 however, style blogging has been my full-time job. (Prior to launching Mr. Newton in the late summer of 2009, I was the photographer and blogger at Stylesightings.) During this time, I’ve watched fashion blogging grow from a cute-n-precocious child (who people got a kick out of, but didn’t really take seriously) up into a are-you-available-on-Wednesday-for-a-meeting young adult. Because no one enjoys bloggin’ for a livin’ more than me, no one is happier than me about this transformation from cute hobby to “I think I need to get an agent/intern”.
All of which is really just a ’round about way of saying, “Wow fashion blogging! It’s pretty cool, huh?” Now it’s even got its own industry conference AND awards show! (Well, the industry conference has been going on for a few seasons now – but the awards show is brand-new.) I’m super excited for both Evolving Influence – aka the Independent Fashion Blogger Conference – and for the Blog Lovin’ Awards. They’re both being held in New York (of course) during NYFW. How about you?? Do you have your ticket yet for the IFB conference? Or are you watching it via live stream? Have you cast your votes yet for the awards?? Better get on it – this revolution is not going to wait! xx Mr. Newton

It’s Oh So Quiet

On the street in Soho…I like to shoot a full-on man repeller as much as the next red-blooded street style photographer…but you don’t always need to make a shout-y outfit statement to catch my eye. Sometimes all that’s needed is soft muted color, a great coat and scarf, a pretty face, and nerd glasses. (I’ve heard similar glasses referred to as “birth control glasses”…but all I can say is, not where I come from. Over here in Hipsterville – aka South Williamsburg – they’re more like an aphrodisiac.) xo

Solid Goldie

Tra la la…no big deal…Goldie was just going about her business when I met her in Nolita. I thought she looked amazing so I asked her if I could shoot her photo and do a little video interview. I hope you guys like her! xx Mr. Newton

Street Style Live – Goldie from Mr. Newton on Vimeo.

The Dogged Pursuit Of Style

I love Lizzie’s stripes-and-plaid take on clashing prints…but I can understand her partner’s decision to opt for understated winter white while accompanying her…

Diner Journal

Winter 2011 – style on the street outside Diner – one of my favorite Brooklyn hangouts… xx

Fashion Blogs – The Book

I have been looking for this book EVERYWHERE for weeks now but it seems that it is completely sold-out worldwide. It is sold-out or listed as “currently unavailable” at the following sites – Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon France, Amazon Japan, Colette, Papercut – even the book’s publisher (d’jonge Hond) has removed it from their site. This is quite unusual considering that it is a new-ish and apparently popular title…but I feel pretty certain that what is going on is that the first printing sold-out…and the small Dutch publishing company behind it has not yet done a second printing. Will they? Or is this book going to become a collector’s item? I don’t know…but what I do know is that I want to read it! So if someone could please get it back in stock one way or another that would be really rad – okay?
(P.S. – Doesn’t it look amazing?! There are apparently interviews with like 40 international fashion bloggers…and entire sections devoted to street style photography blogs and party photo blogs…and I’m friends with lots of the people involved…and I think it’s always really interesting to read interviews with people who you know personally, right?)
(P.P.S. – there was also briefly a blog about the book – but when the book quickly sold-out that appears to have been abandoned as well – too bad.)

A Touch Of Lace

Who says that in winter a girl must put away all of her spring/summer/fall fashion faves? I’m fully on board with seasonless dressing…but often the biggest reason for playing a bit of “oops I totes forgot it’s like 5 degrees outside today” is the simple fact that many offices/apts/shops/bars are heated to banana tree-growing levels. It’s not a trend so much as a necessity. When I’m shooting in winter then, I try to keep a sharp eye out for hints and flashes of interesting things going on underneath the coats…and sometimes ask girls to remove their coats. That’s what happened here when I spotted this mystery beauty in Nolita and caught a brief glimpse of her lavender lace bodysuit. Nice. Naughty…but nice.

Winter On The Plains

Here’s Jordana traversing the western plains of Williamsburg in her Navajo-print coat…

There’s something about winter that always has me thinking of the West…of camping outdoors in the snow with a roaring fire and heavy wool blankets and maybe a sled dog or wolf pup to keep me company…not that I’ve ever really done anything like this…but I think about it. There’s something about snow and wind and barren trees that always seems to bring out my inner Jeremiah Johnson. (And let’s face it – imagining winter this way is a heck of a lot more romantic than the reality of slogging through NYC’s piles of black/brown/yellow snow sludge and overflowing trash cans, no?) While girls can look great actually wearing Western and Navajo prints, my season-driven obsession with these motifs tends to be confined to collecting vintage blankets and quilts. As the best vintage blankets can be quite expensive, I also sometimes have my eye on new versions – but with new blankets I only like Pendleton. Their sold-out Yakima Camp Blanket in Granite looks awesome – totally searching for that and will def buy it if I find it! xx Mr. Newton

The English Roses

Hi everyone – here are my photos from a beautiful Sunday morning that I spent exploring Columbia Road market, London. Scroll down to the bottom if you want to read more about my day there…

Ahh – Columbia Road Flower Market – I seriously had so much fun on the morning that I visited – Sunday 10.10.10. Paris Fashion Week had just ended and I’d decided to head to London for a week or so to shoot street fashion. I absolutely love the street market scene in London and had decided to combine exploring some of the best markets with shooting – two birds, one stone. Of all the markets that I hit in this trip – Columbia Road, Portobello Road, Brick Lane, and Broadway Market – I had the best time at Columbia Road. Why? Well first of all – as you can see in my photos – the weather was unreal – as in, “Are you sure I’m actually still in London?” unreal. Also, it was nice to be out in the morning. London’s nightlife is also amazing of course and my days there can sometimes get off to a late start as a result. Also, Columbia Road is quite some distance from London’s tourist-friendly West End – and it’s not convenient to the Tube either – so the crowd was mostly East End locals out enjoying the great weather. Compared to the mobs that can descend on the weekend at Portobello/Brick Lane/Spitalfields, Columbia Road felt positively civilized. There’s a really special atmosphere there that is unlike any other London market. A few more thoughts:
There were lots of attractive girls…and quite a few of them were wearing floral dresses/prints. The fact that a flower market would draw lots of girls is not surprising…but I did find the floral prints thing a bit surprising…and I couldn’t help but wonder whether this was a conscious or subconscious choice when they were getting dressed that morning? In fact, I didn’t even notice just how many girls I’d shot who were wearing floral prints until I was editing the photos later. So I have proof that at least one person there that day (me) was subconsciously drawn to all things floral!
If you go, you must walk around the corner to the Ezra Street yard. While the stalls on Columbia Road proper are “flowers and plants only”, the yard on Ezra Street is home to a mini-flea market. After you have a stroll through the flowers, check here for a small but carefully curated selection of vintage clothes, records, and bric-a-brac. Worth noting – in the back corner of the yard you will see two small signs – with lines of people standing in front of each. One sign says, “Order coffee here”…the other sign says, “Order breakfast here”. You should take these at face value and do exactly as they say – these signs are commands, not suggestions. The coffee is served by a guy who is the UK barista champion…the breakfast part is breakfast sandwiches. Both are unreal. I had this massive and freshly cooked bacon, sausage, and egg sandwich…the bacon is British bacon so it’s quite similar to ham if you’re American…the sausage is this rustic country sausage that they split open on the grill and cook until the edges are crispy…the egg is fried. Market schmarket – I would literally come back here just for breakfast.
And – as if all this wasn’t enough – this was just my morning activity! Later on that day I walked from Columbia Road over to Brick Lane and shot photos there all afternoon. It was a banner day for street style, let me tell you. I’ll be posting those Brick Lane photos soon!
And lastly – a question for the old-school Cockney flower stall holders aka “the barrow boys” – Is there anything that’s not “three for a fiver”? xx Mr. Newton