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Caitlin from Opening Ceremony

Caitlin from Opening Ceremony was one of my top 3 favorite girls from my recent street style story. I thought her cute sense of style and downtown je ne sais quoi deserved a solo post! Scroll down to see my other 2 favorites from the Elle story – Ally and Sarah. xo

Ally from Acne

Here’s Ally from the Acne boutique – one of my very favorite girls from my recent “Chic Shop Girls of Soho” story for…

Sarah from Jill Stuart

That’s Sarah above wearing a dress from the Jill Stuart vintage collection – and jewelry of her own design – as shot by me for…

Chic Shop Girls of Soho – for

Hi there everyone…I hope your winter and your holidays are going great so far! Me? I’ve been busily editing some photos and videos which you’ll be seeing on Mr. Newton in the next couple of weeks. I always use this end-of-year period to catch up on photos that slipped through the cracks during the course of the year…and I’m not talking about some random/leftovers/outtakes either. In fact, some of my very favorite photos from this past year have yet to be posted. Generally speaking, the best streetstyle happens during chaotic periods…in the middle of a snowstorm in Stockholm…or as people are racing from one show to another during Paris Fashion Week…or when I’m under deadline for 3 different projects and heading out of town the next day…these are the times when I always seem to spot great girls with amazing style. So I’ll shoot it…but don’t always have time to edit/post it. So I’m going to be posting some of my “unseen favorites of 2010″ the next couple of weeks…as well as new photos from Dec. 2010 and Jan. 2011…and some new videos as well! Cool?
Speaking of unseen photos (well, unseen here on Mr. Newton that is) – here are the photos from a recent street story that I shot for – “The Chic Shop Girls of Soho”. I hit some of Soho’s best boutiques (Acne, Isabel Marant, Opening Ceremony, A.P.C.) and even a few cool mini-chains (Topshop, Barneys CO-OP) and shot photos of the stylish beauties who help you blow your rent money. Shopping is fun, rent is boring… xx Mr. Newton

Major Lazer

A stylish mystery cutie that I met on Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg – Dec. 2010. I’m loving her laser-cut fur jacket by Ruffian! Also – the thing that really caught my eye – her palette here is sick. The rust-colored fur perfectly complements her dark indigo denim and her oatmeal/beige top. Nicely done! x

Hole Lotta Love

Quick – if Courtney Love had a personal assistant, what do you think she would look like? A little grunge? A little glamour? A whole lotta Nineties inspiration? Maybe she might even look a bit like a younger version of Courtney herself? Well – you be the judge – here’s Courtney’s assistant Elena on the street near Courtney’s house aka the Mercer Hotel. xo

Beauty Comes From Within!

It really really really does (really) – and I mean that so sincerely. I spotted Laksmi in Nolita…and while she has outer beauty as well…and I love her outfit…it really all started with that smile. I mean how could I not shoot her photo?! Look at her! (OK well she doesn’t look quite as happy in the full-length photo hehe…but I wanted to include that so that you could see her entire outfit…but the top photo, look at the top photo!)

I meet beautiful and stylish girls all the time (rough life I know)…some of whom are, shall we say, “personality challenged”…but…the girls that I always want to shoot…and the girls that I always want to talk to and get to know better are the sweethearts…the kind ones…the genuine ones…the ones who have not only beauty on the outside but who radiate it from within as well! “Beauty comes from within” is not a backhanded compliment – it’s a mantra that you should repeat to yourself as you leave your house every morning. It’s a way of living. All the frowny faced, too cool for school, playin’ a role, Grumpy McDumpies can keep on walkin’ when Mr. Newton’s on the beat! xo

Winter Flowers

On the street yesterday in my ‘hood – Williamsburg, Brooklyn – a grey sweatshirt + a floral print dress + knee socks + white patent flats = a super cute late fall look!

Autumn In New York – Last Gasp

It’s almost time to start shooting some snow bunny street fashion…which I’m actually quite excited for this time around…strange, given that I usually dread the onset of winter more than you can imagine. For now though – if you hurry – you should still be able to squeeze a little more mileage out of your fall wardrobe. Here are a few of my favorite fall looks from the streets of New York, Autumn 2010. xx