Hey Bike Girl!

Hi – if you know me, then you know that I never go anywhere without my wheels. “Wheels” in this case referring not to some fancy sports car or SUV, but rather to my rad 1960/70’s-era vintage bicycle. That’s my whip in the photo above in fact. (She was actually riding her own bike when I spotted her…but it wasn’t very cute…so I moved it out of the shot and gave her mine to ride instead.) Yeah it’s a girls bike – so what? I paid $70 for it at the Hester Street Flea – negotiated down from $120 which was already a bargain. Anywho, you may remember a few months back that I shot a street fashion story for Elle.com about chic city bike girls, yeah? Well I was not allowed to post those photos at the time for contractual reasons…but now I am allowed to post them…so here they are! Cute bike girls help to make New York feel like a magical land of chic European models, riding perhaps to their next casting or photoshoot…cars suddenly seem to be the province of aggressive fatheads at worst and unfashionable at best. xo

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