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Portobello Pin-Ups

Hi – well after a shall we say “eventful” time at Paris Fashion Week (my camera was stolen and at the moment I’m still shooting with one that Garance has kindly loaned me – more details on my Twitter), I’ve arrived in London for a bit of rest and relaxation. When I rest though I bring my camera along with me and I shoot street style – hehe. That’s right, Mr. Newton is finally – FINALLY – back in London shooting! Here are some of my photos from Friday at Portobello Road Market… xx

Bastille Metro In The Rain

Damn it Paris – not everything is sexy! Public transportation is not sexy. Rain is not sexy – it just isn’t! (OK – it actually is. I really hate you for this one though.)

Sheer Is Chic!

Sheerly You Can’t Be Serious?

How about it? Would you wear this outfit? Seriously? I happen to love it…but then I would, wouldn’t I?

Got Chic?

Some of my favorite girls that I spotted at the Dior show in the Tuileries yesterday…