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Knocking Boots

At the Louis Vuitton show – a mini-skirt, bare legs, and ankle boots is not an easy look for a civilian to pull off…but when you have a face and legs like this, who’s going to complain? Wow! (Love the scrunched up sleeves on the jacket and the bow tie too!)

Totally Krossed Out

Taylor outside the Louis Vuitton show…

A High Street Cutie – at Louis Vuitton

When shooting street style during Paris Fashion Week, one could easily get caught up in the high-end fabulousness of it all and spend the whole week shooting nothing but famous fashion editors and top models. What would be the fun in that though?? OK I mean it probably would still be fun – but that’s not really how we do things here at Mr. Newton! Sure, I’ll snap a great model or editor given the chance – but I always keep a sharp eye out for the high street cuties wearing H+M, Topshop, American Apparel, vintage and the like. These girls to me are the real fashion obsessives and I love them for that. xxx

Drawing A Crowd – at Louis Vuitton

Friends Of Marc

I always like to post my street fashion photos from the Louis Vuitton show all in one go. This is because – along with the Dior show – the Vuitton show is an EVENT. It’s always one of the very biggest events of Paris Fashion Week, which I attended earlier this month. As a singular event then, I think that street fashion photos shot there make sense all together – rather than doled out one-by-one over the course of several weeks. Here then are the editors, models, celebs, bloggers, fashion students and hangers-on that I spotted when Marc Jacobs brought his international traveling fashion circus to Paris! xo

On Broadway

I love Broadway Market, London! Here are my street fashion photos from a recent Saturday I spent there… xo Mr. Newton

Street Style Live – Morgane

Street Style Live – Morgane from Mr. Newton on Vimeo.

Hi there – so here’s a little video that I shot in Paris with Morgane! You might remember her photo from the same day which I posted earlier. I had planned to shoot several of these videos with different girls during Paris Fashion Week…but then my camera was stolen…and my game plan for the week had to be changed a bit. Moving forward though, I’ll be shooting and posting videos occasionally – I hope you guys like them! It’s early days, but my idea with video at the moment is to provide a bit of behind-the-scenes insight into my blog…and a little insight into the girls that I select to shoot…and just a little insight into shooting street style in general…and jeez, I hope that doesn’t sound pompous or overblown? It’s just that I get lots of emails asking things like, “who are these girls?” do you know them or are they strangers?” “how do you approach them – what do you say?” “are they models?” “what kind of camera do you use?”, etc. I thought this might be a fun way to answer some of these questions. The basic idea behind film and video anyway is to take a still photo and make it come to life, right? xx Mr. Newton

Come Sail Away

Spotted at Broadway Market…why is it that an outfit that might look costume-y anywhere else makes perfect sense in London?? Context is everything. I took National Rail out to London Fields and had a great day at Broadway Market – didn’t buy anything but ate at 4 or 5 different stalls – the best food was the spinach and agushi and spicy rice and yummy beef stew that the dudes from Ghana were dishing out. London is all about the market scene and I love it! Loads and loads more photos to come from Broadway Market, Portobello Road, Columbia Road Flower Market, and Brick Lane of course! x Mr. Newton

Mayfair Madam

My beautiful (and very British) London flatmate Alex on New Bond Street in Mayfair…we had lunch at The Wolseley and then stopped by Burlington Arcade – one of London’s great old pre-Victorian-era shopping arcades – before heading up towards Topshop Oxford Circus. I heart London!