Knocking Boots

At the Louis Vuitton show – a mini-skirt, bare legs, and ankle boots is not an easy look for a civilian to pull off…but when you have a face and legs like this, who’s going to complain? Wow! (Love the scrunched up sleeves on the jacket and the bow tie too!)

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A High Street Cutie – at Louis Vuitton

When shooting street style during Paris Fashion Week, one could easily get caught up in the high-end fabulousness of it all and spend the whole week shooting nothing but famous fashion editors and top models. What would be the fun in that though?? OK I mean it probably would still be fun – but that’s not really how we do things here at Mr. Newton! Sure, I’ll snap a great model or editor given the chance – but I always keep a sharp eye out for the high street cuties wearing H+M, Topshop, American Apparel, vintage and the like. These girls to me are the real fashion obsessives and I love them for that. xxx

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