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Where’s The Pool?

Hi everyone – it’s Monday afternoon here at the Mr. Newton HQ – I’m recovering from a really fun weekend – editing some photos – and as fall is rapidly approaching, I’m trying to get some other work done too – it’s a multi-tasking sort of day! In the summer, it’s always really tempting to be out and about shooting photos and having fun…but it’s really difficult to actually make myself sit down and edit all of these photos…because it’s super nice out…and I want to be out shooting and stuff, not sitting indoors staring at a computer screen. So I go out and I shoot more photos…which gives me even more stuff to edit haha…and well, on it goes. Here then are my photos from the Jelly NYC Pool Party on 8.15.10. I was shooting there yesterday as well during the final show of the season – those photos coming soon!

Greene Street Gladiator

A citizen soldier – fighting the fashion war in gladiators by Chanel. I surrender!

A Gentleman On Lafayette Street


I spotted this rather handsome gentleman standing by himself in front of his place of employment on Lafayette Street the other day. While it is always rare to spot a man wearing polka dots, it is extremely rare to find one who is doing it with the understated masculinity and elegance you see here. I was hoping to ask him a bit about his views on this, but he wandered off soon after I shot this photo.

The Red Scare

On Howard Street in Soho…he was out of work a bit early and heading to Opening Ceremony…


How To Get A Head In Business


Hi – well the Brooklyn Flea is really going from strength-to-strength these days. I’m quite serious when I say that I had my best day vintage clothes shopping ever there on this past Saturday. (Final count – 5 shirts, 1 sweatshirt, and err…3 guilty-yet-giddy trips to the ATM.) It was crowded all day but not uncomfortably so…thanks to the absolutely perfect weather. The food too is a real strong point (the grilled cheese guy, shaved ice from People’s Pops – and especially Pizza Moto and the Loading Dock fish tacos.) Thanks to my stylist friend Anett I received the vendor’s food discount…which to me didn’t translate to saving money, rather it was simply a license to eat more! I stayed all day until they started packing up and then headed over to one of my new favorite hangouts – keep it on the low – the Rock Yard in Williamsburg. Here are my photos from the day… xx Mr. Newton

Summer Lovin’

Hey – here are my photos from the Cut Copy show on the waterfront in Williamsburg. I’ll be there again this Sunday…hanging in the AllSaints pub…eating at least two delicious pizzas from Roberta’s…shooting photos – you should come! (Scroll all the way down to the bottom of this post for a cool video that will give you a better idea about how this shizz all goes down…) It’s summer in New York! xx Mr. Newton

Ring My Bell

On the street in Williamsburg…feminine, flattering, faded…these brushed denim bell-bottoms suit her perfectly! (You know, you don’t have to follow me on Twitter…but it’d be a lot cooler if you did.) xx


Swap Meet Style

I heart the Brooklyn Flea…the vendors…the food…the people who go there. I’m going to be there like every Saturday this fall! Here are the street style photos that I shot there this past weekend. I was shooting in between taking bites of awesome fish tacos from the Loading Dock – the best in the city honestly. xo

Cruisin’ Together

Hi there – I hope that all of you (who live in the northern hemisphere) have been having a wonderful summer and that you’ve been getting outdoors lots! Friends that I’ve been chatting with just this week have been telling me about bands playing in barns in upstate New York, lake trips in Germany, and swimming in the sea near Stockholm. I dream of doing all of that! When I’m in the city though, I still take advantage of the fantastic weather and take one of my vintage bikes out for a spin as often as possible. I have two bikes – a blue one and a white one, both single-speed models with coaster brakes from the 1960′s. I live near the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn and biking is my primary mode of transportation into the city year-round…but in the summer it’s just plain fun! City biking has very recently seen a surge of popularity among the chic set in New York…and I actually think that style blogs have been a big contributing factor to this micro-trend. After all, who that regularly visits bike-friendly style blogs like Copenhagen Cycle Chic, The Sartorialist, or Dam Style hasn’t thought about copping this eco-friendly and Euro-centric “look” for themselves? All of which brings me to my point – I’ve just shot a new street fashion story for about chic city bike girls! I’m not allowed to post the photos here at Mr. Newton, but you can see all 15 photos over on their site by clicking here… xx